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"You are amongst the last generation of a 26,000 year cycle. You are amongst the first that will wake up on the other side of the conscious membrane that defines the two cycles of the human experience at the end of 2012. ... "

Dearest hearts:

As always I pray you are well.

A dear friend and mentor of mine, currently on a profound journey with cancer, who, as he calls it is living his 'bonus life,' has been receiving loving and supportive and brilliant e-mails from people all over the world.

He sent the short one below to me last week. It went right to my heart. I was then compelled to share it with you, with his permission. It speaks to each and every one of us. It's not mutually exclusive to cancer. These simple words are life changing if we will allow them to authentically register with us.

From Robert:

Today, I received an email from a friend in Australia. She had dinner with her friend, a breast cancer survivor. Here is that woman's message to everyone. I'm passing it along, because I think it has real value for everyone who wants to live an authentic life.

My message to anyone dealing with physical illness is: Love yourself unconditionally! Regardless of what illness you have, or treatments you choose, whether natural, holistic, or conventional, the most important thing is to choose to treat your condition from love, rather than fear! Always see yourself as whole and well. Watch your emotions, and always make choices based on your love for your life and health, rather than to react from fear! Choose actions that lovingly move you towards wholeness and health, rather than actions taken out of fear to move you away from illness.

We seem to believe that we constantly have to work on ourselves to improve ourselves and become "better." But the question is, better by whose standards?

I spent a lifetime trying to live up to other people's unrealistic standards of how I "should" be - and all it did was cause me cancer, because I constantly believed that I wasn't good enough. In truth, all we have to do is BE OURSELVES!

We don't realize that we are actually perfect just the way we are. We are born perfect, but spend a lifetime trying to be something we are not, and then feel inadequate for failing. Your only purpose is to be yourself, otherwise you will deprive the Universe of Who You Truly Are.


The following message comes from Spirit: (through Maureen)

You are amongst the last generation of a 26,000 year cycle. You are amongst the first that will wake up on the other side of the conscious membrane that defines the two cycles of the human experience at the end of 2012.

Who you allow yourself to authentically become, what template you choose to inhabit, human or Divine, what heart and mind you chose, yours or Mine to think and feel through by the close of this cycle, is what you will carry and live with on the New Earth for a very long time.

Each choice you take matters deeply now. Each thought you hold, matters deeply now. Raising your vibration, consciously, daily matters deeply now. Choose well. Choose with love, with presence, with conscious care of yourself.

My children of the Earth, you are a Divinely assembled and chosen group, about to enter the final days of a long and arduous climb. Watch your steps. You are walking into a new Template of Creation, and from that Template you will begin a new form of your evolution.

The end of this cycle of suffering is in sight for you Beloveds; for your body, your mind and your Spirit, if you will only allow Me in, in ways you may never have before. Allow Me to make My descent deeply into you, allowing you to ascend and enter into a new Template of Divine Creation.

Surrender, be still, be authentic at each turn, breathe, listen and make room for Me to lead you. Pay close attention to symbols, signs, whispers, experiences that come your way, how you feel, not how you think; and that which shifts. And then, follow in that direction.

You are activating the code within you of the Christ Consciousness, the God Consciousness, as they are One. I Am here as the God of Your Being to assist you.

It is imperative that you make your life a sacred expression in all ways, from what you eat to how you treat each other and how you love and honor your truest Self. As you do, you will Christ your own Self.

In full consciousness, make every movement sacred, every choice sacred, every word spoken sacred, and every relationship you engage with sacred.

At the time of your birthing, you were given everything and everyone that you needed to accomplish this. You were entrusted and seeded with the sacred Christ Blueprint/The Divine Plan, inside of you.

Every aspect of this blueprint ultimately leads you to be ensconced with the consciousness that allows you to move and express as an unencumbered being of love, always.

Only you can activate this blueprint by your expression of Me through You.

You embracing everything that you have learned and experienced in your third dimensional world, by blessing it and accepting it as Jesus did while in the desert for forty days and forty nights, will activate this Divine Template.

When he endured the battle with the world of delusion, and then surpassed it, he remembered who he really was. Then, He spent the rest of his life expressing it, thus giving humanity The Blueprint to follow at this precise time.

You hold the exact same capacity. That is why you chose and were chosen to be born at this time, Beloveds, to have the opportunity to reach that same pinnacle while in human form.

Do not simply hear these words. Live these words, and you will pass every initiation required to step into a world you have once called a phenomena. It will not be phenomena for you much longer.

Nothing is closed down to any human being right now, that is willing to Christ themselves by birthing within them the Divine Blueprint by using My Heart and My Mind.

This is a year riddled with a landslide of grace, of dreams and goals coming to fruition if you properly prepare yourself and allow for the many deaths still necessary to occur.

Do you know that there was a point in time, where I didn't know whether you would be willing to go through the trials and tribulations that would bring you to a place where we could be together in so much joy? I was concerned for a time that your feet were held too close to many fires. It has been said throughout your history that "God never gives us more than we can bear."

Beloveds, I never gave you anything to bear. You did. You called forth every trial and tribulation to yourself purposefully. You chose to merge with me against what appeared to be all odds.

Yes, that was your wish, and I prepared a place for you and let you have your wish. Through it all, I never left your side for even a moment. Through all of your pain and all of your beliefs that had you believing I was not with you, I was, and I AM.

I remind you of this; the Christ Consciousness is not only about singular love or singular peace. It contains within it the entire Divine Plan for evolution and wholeness for a species, a planet and a Universe. It contains every code that is involved with transformation of each, and you hold it within you.

Can you imagine and hold how much I love you and trust you, for I created you so that you were able to hold inside of you the path and the plan for an entire species and planet to be resurrected?

That too is why I never left you. I have always been a flame of Life inside of you to help safeguard this sacred Consciousness, the complete Divine Plan that you hold an intricate piece of. This has been my commitment to you. This is why the umbilical cord between us can never be severed, for if it were, a piece of the plan would be lost. You would be lost, and I would never lose any of my children, whether in the Heavens or on the Earth.

Knowing what you hold, can you honor and love yourselves, now having a greater understanding of your Divine part in My Divine Plan for bringing Heaven to Your Earth so you could live as the Masters that you are? I wished for you to be the stars of Earth's Heavens. And you are becoming that.

I Love You.

(Please share keeping author's name, Maureen Moss and websites http://www.worldpuja.org and http://www.maureenmoss.com intact.)


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Maureen Moss

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Comment by Seren Grace on May 8, 2012 at 4:23am

Awesome share ! Thank You Alexa!  Love and Light !

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