As we continue to work with and develop our experience base with our very real and connectable allies of the invisible realms, our faith and confidence in allowing them to teach, guide and assist us also expands.


Meditating with your spiritual allies can be a powerful and enriching experience. Over the past year I have made a practice of calling in and getting to know some of my personal spirit allies on a more direct level and turning over a period of the day or evening to work with them. I have often called on my own circle of healing assistance when I was struggling with either a sleepless night or some other discomfort and the results were immediate. And so gratefully received. 


A practice that I have especially utilized and come to love was designing my own medical assistance team. Here on some pointers on how I do that and how you may begin to practice this too:


How to do it: lay on your back with arms and legs straight and unencumbered, and ask to know and call in any allies that you feel a connection with. These can be ascended masters, spiritual healers you work with, lineages, religious figures, angels and archangels, animals you know and/or whose energy your resonate with, etc.  After calling in your guides and inviting them to be part of your healing team, ask them to work together with each other and you to heal your body, mind, emotions, spirit and/or soul. Devise a symbol of connection that you will use at the beginning of your session whever you want to call upon and connect with them. This can be ringing a bell, opening a door, or miming anything that comes to you to be your own unique and special connection activity. Let the symbol come to you naturally as you first learn to breathe, relax, listen and allow. Then ask, aloud, for the session to begin.


Once it does and you are in the zone with them, talk to them. Tell them in detail what you are experiencing that you need or would like help with. Be specific. Angels and other Guides are often unable to assist us unless we ask, and ask specifically, for the help that we are wanting. Tell them out loud what you are dealing with and invite them to send and guide you in a sacred healing session. During your session, keep in touch with them and do your best to focus on something beautiful and serene, like a nature scene or pleasant feeling, as best you can, to allow their love and energy to reach you and your mental, emotional, physical and/or energetic bodies, unobstructedly. Allow.


When the session is complete, ofter after about an hour, sometimes less, sometimes more, express your gratitude for the healing and love you have received. You may be surprised at how easily and wonderfully the time and session flows. When you are complete, release the circle and disconnect the circuit by making your closing gesture, just as you used it to begin your session and open the connection. This may also include a calling in of the directions at the start, and a releasing of the directions at the ending, of your session. Or whatever you do personally on your chosen path to create sacred space for you. Do what feels good and familiar, safe and snuggly, for you.


In any case, take your time with it. Breathe and get quiet. Listen and enjoy. Explore gently and allow. The results may be amazing.


Enjoy. And have a blessed and healthy day.


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