~ March is Marching In ~
Winter is almost on its last cold spell, I noticed here in Oklahoma the trees are budding out, they are awaking us that soon Spring will Spring forth. March -- a month of opposites and contradictions. Is now ready for us are we ready for March Winds.

<>( Both the watery, emotional Pisces Sun ) and (Mercury will have you swimming with the tides and floating with the currents through the middle of the month,we may see stormy patch around March 15, when Uranus blows up, and visit with a few surprises. Remember Uranus is the Planet of disruption to the things that we have thought to be permant, Uranus, may lift us into a Change,,,My prayer is O.K. God, what more do you want me to do, I will do it.

Pisces is great for creative projects, sympathy or even spirituality. But, practical it usually is not! You'll need to trust that your intuition will land you in the right place at the right time -- and with Pisces, it usually does. Follow your dream with conviction and you won't go far wrong. Just look twice before you sign any papers that have long commitments.

(If i have done your chart or you need more information contact me.)

Uranus can feel initially disruptive, but that's only because it wants to set you free of limitations and restrictions. If you feel your boat rocking too much mid month, ask yourself how you've been over compromising. There's a rebel inside you wanting to come out and be heard. Take a risk and see if a different approach brings in better results.

More later on March Winds as Leo will play a part in all of this also.

Nancy Anderson
Astrological Counsel

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