DEAR FRIENDS, and Family

A new year will soon be here, it is the time for a personal inventory, and to bring forth what we are living fully to express who we are and to understand what we came here to be and to do.

<>I think of it in this way.<>Just before my birth I made many choices—very much like a planner of events—I set up through my thoughts, my life's plan, I chose each and every experience before I took this journey. When the time was right I then decided to take on physical form and be born into the human experience. I made my plan and I worked my plan to create my masterpiece. I often see what I chose to do and when it appears to me I notice that I'm happy and I'm helping others. I'm brought to my knees from time to time with sadness and grief that I also chose to learn from those types of experiences to understand the ways of compassion for others, I also notice when I am restless I indeed have gotten off the path, that I had created before this birth.

At the start of this new year it is a perfect time to look for what you chose for your master piece? What are you working on? What gives your life meaning and joy? When you find it do more of it and leave the rest behind. Look for your plan and work your plan.

Words of Wisdom "Be bold," don't settle for anything less! Express your deepest heart's desire. It will help you transcend the ego and guide you into higher consciousness.

As we that are called, "grown ups," worry so about our children we need to think, that they also chose their birth for certain experiences. It might be best to hold back our ego and not to interfere in their journey. That is the hard test isn't it?

It may sound like a contradiction, but the truth is that when you dedicate your life to fully express your "own" magnificence (your "own" God-given talents), you will serve All. Only then will your "helping others" have any significance.

Nancy Anderson.
Peace, Love and Understanding.

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 May we be at peace
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May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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