I would like to share with you a study of colors that are used by those that read Auras, when intrepertating dreams,
Looking at art work and even clothing a person might be wearing.

Colors will come and go in your thoughts and go rapidly. When emotions is attached to a colors the memory will connect. Many readers that work with viewing the Aura, have noticed that moods (sadness, hating,revenges) from PAST experiences will remain in dim color in the Aura until healing is done...

This information is Awareness of color and may be used in your work in any way your thoughts are working with color..

Blood Red: vengefulness and jealousy.
Bright Red: force and persuasion
Clear Red: friendly and active
Crimson: sexuality and base passions
Dark Red almost black; selfishness and greed
Dirty Red: lust and sexuality
Dull Red: selfness.
Fiery Red: irritability and anxiety
Light Red: nervousness
Magenta: cheerfulness
Rose: pure, unselfish love
Rose pink; Joy and Happiness
Scarlet: uncontrollable emotion
True Re: ambition and courage.

These are tones and their definition that will help you look closer to the hues of other colors of.

( ORANGE:emotions) -- (YELLOW:intellect)-- (GREEN: healing and balance) ---BLUE:( variety,loyalty)-- (INDIGO:responsibility)--( VIOLET:spirituality) -- (BLACK malice)

(BROWN:materialism) ---(GOLD: WISDOM:) (Gray-conventionality)
(Silver: Idealism--trustworthy--honorable )
White is purity.

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