Energies in full swing.

I invite you to choose a life filled with all that you seek.

‘It's Your Life-LIVE IT'! How many times do we look for answers, success or purpose in the people around us? How often do we want other people to make our decisions for us? This will assist you in reconnecting within yourself.

Three potentials to work with; happiness, passion and compassion.
You will become an Energy of Love, Of Acceptance, of Awareness. IT will Flow through you. You will feel it, when you are in that place with in you..Just Take that Deep Breath.

There is much happening upon the earth. The transition of energies is in full swing. There's been a great deal of transformation that we have been hearing about.

The earth is reflecting this on the many different levels. We now are all seeking a balance or an alignment as we know a part of this earth experience is living with gravity, living with all these varying emotions, living with people that have tremendously wide variances in personality, emotions, their choices of what they want in their life, part of the results of all of that we find ourselves drifting.

You have relationships with many other people; you live with people who have many varied ideas from your own. But it all comes down to you and your relationship within yourself.

You cannot live your life through somebody else or somebody else's experiences. You may only live your life through yourself and through your own experiences. So as you look around you, as you take in all that is going on, remember that you are here first and foremost to experience living upon the earth with the free will.

Nancy Anderson.

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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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