The Moon's entry into analytical Virgo reminds us of the importance of clear thinking yet our emotions grow more intense as we approach the Full Moon late in the evening of 27th.

It is a good time for new thinking if the old stuff is not working for you.

Find old friends they are still there and waiting for you, as some are not in the loving way that you might find your self in, if you ponder over this and you get the lonesome feeling it may be time for you to make a visit to them.

The statement that I had made come from the conjunction of the two planets Mercury/ Neptune.

Neptune is slower, more dreaming, than Mercury and therefore the conjunctions allows Virgo's Mercury to catch their breath, relax, and know work (LABOR) can be for another day...Go play, Go find old friends, send a computer note of Hi, I miss U. This will open the doors for Spring time and Summer fun again.

Now, let's look at the other sign that makes up this full moon and it is Pisces. You will be looking again to get your feet on solid grown. It may be that as you think back a month or two your attitude may of been too relaxed, or rather lazy, it is the time of this full moon to shift gears and for the next two weeks,as the Full Moon moves to the New Moon, the 15th of March we can definably start all over again.

With the old energy gone, that has been laxed for the last two months, the new arrives, giving you 'willing energy' from the New moon around the 15th of March. Just have Faith and knowing that the Universe will allow a new ball game for you...That game is called balance.

Think about it as the bright light of the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon shines to-night.

<><> Good friends are life the stars, you don't always see them, but, you know they are always there. <><>

Nancy Anderson

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