<>Dreams Allow Us To See Ourselves.<>

As settings for dreams, there are places in our dreams that will Include
Elements that we consider to be the best and worst in life.

Many of us have enjoyed places by smells from different times in their lives
And these come again and again in our dreams... Or actually experienced the
Consequences of overdoing it: Such as tasting something before it had time
To cool off after coming out of the oven.. The interrupting of that .In a
Dream can show up and you wonder what the meaning might be, then you recall
If you would of Waited to test you would not of gotten burned, so maybe
Your moving into situations with out thinking..

Strong personalities may have intimidate you at times so the dream is about
That. Then you remember a part of the dream where a burn comes up in your
Dream. So that it means BACK OFF...

Sometimes the fright comes from a figure we love, such as a parent for an
Example,who will not learn to swim...The dream allows you to look at that
Message, for you to do more with your life than they did...

Angry scene come up in your dream perhaps it is a warning you need to watch
Tempers of others that might flare or inventory your own self, are you
Getting too angry with every thing that is crossing your path. Are you
Losing control with every one in the family or at work if so It is really
You, not them so at that time you need to own up to some of your awaken

A dream that you are moving too slow, a dream that you are sleeping a lot,a
Dream that you are getting lots of phone calls and they are running you
Crazy. That may be a warning, that may be something you are needing to
Look into and think about ....ASK Your self, "HOW AM I," managing MY TIME.
Also check are you calling out or are you receiving calls, that will help
You to organize
That part of your life.

Check this out , (Clients Dream)

HIS/ HER dream is showing that a party is going on....it is out-of-control
And wild experiences is going on at the party..YOU LIKE WATCHING THIS AND
WANT TO BE LIKE THEM,,,,, Being out of control can be wonderful in your
Dream state and you know that it is something you would never do,,,but maybe
In these instances it may remind you of a sexual experience.

However, YOU can be terrified watching people and you know that you may be
Judging and are too rigid. The solution is you are needing to look at your
Waking boundaries.

I think the key words to the kind of dreams that I have written to you about
Is that behavior of any kind in gives you as chance to look at your own
Behavior as if you were looking closely at your self..As You have heard
Before this quote. " Know Thy Self."

Nancy Anderson.

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