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The astrological zodiac signs were assigned to specific areas of the body<>


Aries is attributed to the head – Most areas within the head are influenced
by this sign including the face, mouth, teeth, sinuses and eyes. It is also
attributed to heat and inflammation, not specific to the head.

Taurus is attributed to the neck – Governing the thyroid, tonsils and throat
Taurus is also referred to the gums of the mouth and the middle ear.
Gemini is attributed to the arms and shoulders – This includes the hands as
well. Since this sign is about communication and connectivity (the Gemini
twins) it also governs the lungs and the nervous system.

Cancer is attributed to the chest – Ruling over the stomach, breasts and
chest cavity. Assigned as a nurturer and protector Cancer is also attributed
to the uterus and mucus membranes.

Leo is attributed to the heart – As a fire sign the Leo rules over the heart
spine and middle back.
Virgo is attributed to the belly – This sign governs the digestive system:
liver, pancreas, and small intestine.

Libra is attributed to the reins – What reins? As a symbol of balance Libra
rules over the vasomotor system, which is the process dilating and
constricting the blood vessels. It also governs the lumbar region of the
back, the adrenals, kidneys and the skin.

Scorpio is attributed to the trunk – This sign governs the lower bodily
outlets like the colon, rectum, urinary system, vagina, testes, and prostate

Sagittarius is attributed to the legs – A symbol of movement this sign
governs the thighs and hips as well as the sciatic nerve. It is also
attributed to the liver.

Capricorn is attributed to joints – This sign rules the knees and skin as
well as the hair, finger and toe nails, teeth and the cellular walls.
Aquarius is attributed to the legs – It governs the lower legs including the
calf and ankles. It is also attributed to circulation of the blood and
valves of the heart.

Pisces is attributed to the feet – It rules the feet and toes as well as the
lymphatic system and spleen.
How to Use the Zodiacs for Wellness

Every person has a primary sun sign and a moon sign, these can be determined
by calculating the birth date and exact time of birth using a natal chart
program such as Astro.com's free personal portrait. So, if a person had a
sun sign of Capricorn and a moon sign of Aquarius he may wish to keep a
close eye on the health of his joints and legs.

Use the above signs to determine possible areas of the body that are more
vulnerable based on the birth chart.
Since the Zodiacs change approximately every 30 days the symbols can be used
as signs for the body to heal and nurture those areas throughout the year.
Entire wellness plans can be

Read more:
An Overview of Medical Astrology: How the Zodiac Relates to the Body and
Health http://astrology.suite101.com/article

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