If you feel like there are issues infiltrating your relationship with one or even both parents, with your children, or any person that is or has been in your life. Here is a reminder, that I know you have heard many times, perhaps you have used this exercise in the past. It is a wonderful and easy way to smooth those bonds without further breaking your heart.

At time when the OLD STUFF stays with you as you are tossing and turning trying your best to fall asleep, or you obsessing over those certain things it maybe be time to take out the paper and the pen and write a letter.
Also you can use your computer as you are using your finger tips.but you will need to print it.

You're never actually going to mail this, so don't edit or write anything but the truth.

1. Write everything you feel about the relationship.
2. Then write what you think would make YOU feel better.
3. Once you've written the entire letter, seal it inside a envelope and place it under a live and healthy green plant.
4. This is very IMPORTANT, GO TO YOUR **calendar** AND COUNT OFF 27 DAYS.
5. Leave it there for 27 days. At the end of this period, take the letter outside and burn it.

PEOPLE, all over the world believed by making this effort that the smoke signals emanating from your written and burning desires will penetrate even the toughest of psyches and will open pain-free opportunities for all parties to get together to potentially heal.

If your letter involved those that have has passed on, you can rest assured that these same sentiments will have a healthy and healing effect.

This is a time to own your power and clear and heal from the past without having to face anything but a blank piece of paper!
The Effort right down to find the pen, the paper, the envelope, counting 27 days will tune you into your Faith and your will, will be done on earth as it is in your own belief.

Many ask why 27 days,,,,Dear readers 27 = 9 and a 9 brings closer..
Peace Love and Understanding.

Nancy Anderson

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