"What really does Compassion Mean."

What does Compassion real mean, do you know? Have you ever examined the word, "Compassion." It's what connects us to others as we try to understand their point of view, notice their suffering and become sensitive to what they truly need in a moment of difficulty. You must THINK compassion.
But do we really understand what "THEY" need. At this stage in my life I do know more about compassion than I did a few years ago. I heard the, spirit saying to me once "Don't go, where even, the Angels would not go. " Just let it Be."

So do we Help or do we not, all of that is not what Compassion is about. I don't think it has to do with "Action and Reaction.

The second thing I have learned for my self, is when the fury, the passion, is erupting, do not add to it. It will come to an end, as "Nothing Last Forever." Then you will be able to use the WISDOM of Compassion.

"Compassion is the ability to walk in another's shoes. It is not empathy or sympathy, but truly the capacity to see others and their circumstances for what they are," "It is the understanding that if we look at another with a spiritual eye, we can ask for the best path for them to follow without interference or lecture. We must have the strength to allow our loved ones to go through whatever is best for them,"

Compassion clearly is not attempting to "fix" someone, or taking their well-being on as a project, smothering them with sympathy or kindnesses or attempting to buy their happiness.

Intrinsic ( OUR OWN EGO) in compassion is the understanding that we may feel the need to alleviate another's suffering, but we cannot do it for them. Instead, the best we may be able to do at times may be to just listen or be there with them - even if it's just as an ear at the other end of their phone call. Remember, "Yourself" and at times, your own life may not be strong enough to alleviate their stress.

( I hope you read this as it took me three days to write it.) LOL

Nancy Anderson.

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