“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” — Tom Robbins.

Sounds like a paradox? In fact, it’s not a contradiction in terms, at all. If you are one of those fortunate ones who understood and appreciated this axiom, then congratulate yourself that not only is your ‘inner-child’ alive but she is thriving!

Why do we place so much emphasis on youth and childhood? Why is it so coveted and cherished? The answer lies in everything that a child represents and stands for. It represents everything that a human being desires. A child represents hope, innocence and optimism. A beginning, a fresh start. She stands for an unbolted mind-set and an openness & receptivity to new ideas. An embodiment of unmarked and unsullied existence. The result of a magnificent and miraculous conception. And most importantly, a testament of God’s Sign. This is why we strive (consciously or otherwise) to keep in touch with the child in ourselves.

Are you in touch with your ‘inner child’?

You know you are:

•When you put a halt on everything to view firework displays and fascinate over them,
•When you are elated at blowing at the dandelion flower and watch its seeds float in the air like scattered stars,
•When you pick at the glazed strawberries topping your dessert, to nibble at them first,
•When you stop to watch the take-offs and landings of aircrafts from close view,
•When the first thing you go for at a fair is cotton candy,
•When the curiosity in your nature gets the better of you and you sit to watch and marvel long, at how a tiny ant carries food more than double its weight,
•When you can still amuse yourself with Enid Blyton and comics,
•When your best comfort food includes a lollipop or banana split,
•If you can still construct a paper plane,
•When passing by a vending machine, you poke your finger in the change slot just to see if there is something there,
•When playing in the rain is more important than worrying about ruining your hair and makeup or getting your shoes all muddy,
•When you openly ‘admit’ to your belief that abstract or modern art is senseless and total rubbish (a la Picasso),
•When you possess at least one daisy print in your wardrobe,
•When little children love to be around you,
•If you still experience a mild thrill of anticipation, each time you push a coin through a soft drink vending machine,
•If you can spend a long time browsing in a stationary shop without realizing it,
•If you know where your cherished childhood doll or car is right now,
•If your all time favorite cartoon characters remain Tom & Jerry,
•When half way down an ice cream cone, you just bite off the tip and suck out the rest,
•If while passing by an ATM, you get the urge to simply punch in some buttons at random and then move on,
•When you draw moustaches on pictures in magazines when bored,
•When you are fired up by creative, imaginative & artistic ideas,
•When you split-apart a cream sandwich biscuit to eat the filling off first or at least get the urge to do so,
•When you are proud to admit that you cannot comprehend a word of opera,
•When the concept of time travel excites you and saturates your mind with ideas,
•When the thought of eating caviar turns you off,
•If having to go for a jab still tightens your muscles and knots your stomach,
•When you can recall all the names of your classmates in high school,
•If you love to try on flashy and outrageous sandals in shoe stores just for the fun of it,
•If you find salads borings,
•If you believe in ideals,
•When you are not hesitant to ask questions till you are thoroughly satisfied,
•When you are unscrupulously honest with your opinions,
•When you summon the will to standup & make a fresh start after each setback,
•When you are open to new ideas,
•When you are able to laugh at your own silliness & mistakes,
•When you focus on one thing at a time,
•If you can think laterally,
•If you feel a sense of joy & accomplishment at having saved an ant from drowning in your wash basin while brushing your teeth,
•If you want to be held & comforted occasionally,
•If you fantasize about running on a prairie like the girl from ‘Little House on the Prairie’!,
•If you are able to effortlessly switch from the serious-mode to fun-mode,
•If you believe that you don’t have to please everyone,
•If you do not blindly succumb to any dogma drilled into you by society,
•If you looked-up the word ‘dogma’ in the dictionary,
•When you tongue enjoys a good relationship with your heart,
•If you are always in search for the ultimate Truth of life.

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Comment by Sarah Sunny on October 20, 2010 at 8:27am
I love being in touch with my inner child...and I'm getting better and better at it all of the time.

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