Not only can you heal your wounds with your own love, you can prevent them in the first place.

Shortly after the twin towers of Babylon fell, a frightened nation wrung its hands in frustration. What should we do? The answer given was to shop. That is the duty and purpose of consumers.

Back during the Second World War our frustrated parents and grandparents were told to plant Victory Gardens. In other words, they were told to produce something of critical value every citizen was perfectly capable of doing. With less food required by local markets, more could be sent to soldiers and allies. That was back in the days when shoppers were customers.

In the New Age days of consumerism, the idea of Victory Gardens makes more sense than ever. It is one of the very best ways to overcome fear, which is how to fight terrorism.

What is the point of terrorism? It is to create enough fear to move people to influence their government's policies. Fear is the preferred tool of the Old World Order to maintain power and control. It is the preferred tool of governments and industry. Do as we say or suffer consequences.

Whether you are anti terrorist, anti government, anti crime or anti industry, the weapon is the same. They have lethality. We have reality. The opposite of fear is love.

If you love your self, just a little, you can banish fear forever. If you love your self, you think about what is best for you. If you think about this in the most basic simplicity, you would know that loving your self begins with feeding yourself.

Food is the first request Jesus tells us to make in the Lord's Prayer. Maybe Jesus knows what matters most and puts it first. Next comes forgiveness. This is another anti-fear technique we can apply to become more loving.

It took me a week to forgive Bin Laden and Al Qaeda after the fall of the towers. I have had no fear of them since. I did not run out to buy duct tape and plastic as I was told by the fear mongers; any more than I went shopping in September 2001. I know the game. Not that I don't value the Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared! Now I try to teach others that very motto.

America is soul searching between commercials. Growing food is a major contributor to spiritual growth. One that contributes greatly to self esteem and helps us to love ourselves that little we must in order to love our neighbor, the stranger and our enemies, personal or general.

It is in truly caring for the life which springs from a small seed, we see that all of us spring from a small seed and deserve the same care. Somehow we sense if we won't care for that which comes from the seed, we will neither care for ourselves or others.

The wars, famines and plagues of far away places are coming to America. If we learn to love before they arrive, we can save countless millions from sickness and death. It seems a loving and caring thing to do.

Each of us was born without fear. It was given us by those we trusted, as a training aid. That is, we were made into fearful people for "our own good". To protect us from being devoured by a fearful, hostile world. It is an ageless tradition done in every culture. We were taught to fight fire with fire. Now we must learn to fight fire with water, a substance more valuable than food or fire.

The fearful who wield power on the material plane must keep us fearful to maintain their power and control. Misery demands company. They do this by making us dependent on them for our sorry, fearful lives. We accept this dependence because we have created a fearful mind.

Many we have met have assisted in our fear. Many we have never met have also contributed. But the fact remains; fear is a personal choice we make every day. How do you choose; fear or love; what you know, or what you desire?

Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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Comment by Ed Howes on October 20, 2010 at 11:07pm
Thanks sis, I like your story too. Good Luck, Love and Blessings X 10
Comment by Alexa on October 20, 2010 at 10:15pm
The story is told that a terrible murderer was on the rampage scaring all the people of the town. He happened to meet the Buddah (Siddhartha) walking on a road. The murderer approached the Buddah and threatned him with a terrible growl. Buddah said "it's ok. I love you." To which the murderer replied "But what if I kill you?" The Buddah answered, "then I will die loving you." Legend says the murderer awoke that very moment, and became a student of the Enlightened One.

Hey brother Ed! Enjoyed your posts today.
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