It is not unusual to feel as though the circumstances of life are pulling us deeper and deeper into a dream. Then we wake up and we struggle to remember what was going on in the dream.
For a few moments you are feeling as if you had lost what you were trying re-call from the dream.

I'll share with you ways I have worked with those moments, trying to re-call situations in the dream that I have been having.

(This I practice and it works.)

Take a deep breath and know that the dream has worked it's self out and there is no need for any time to be spent on trying to find that lost dream, the fact is that it is not lost it is OVER.

Now for, " The Dreams," that stay with me, that is when I start to look at my life, my feelings, my attitudes about the things that are going on in my life, and then the books come out, and I start my search for the Universal Symbols which holds the interpretations of ones dreams.

It might be fun for you, that the next time your in a book store look through a few books that appeal to you on Dream Studies, their are a great number and you may want to add one to you Library at home. Or to keep at on bed side table.

If you have a dream or two you'd like to write about, I'll be glad to help you with the meanings if your stuck.

Nancy Anderson

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