It is interesting. The people and creatures and things we dismiss in our society are the ones we should be listening to the most. In our history, we dismissed the Native Americans. Instead of listening to them, our society has decided to brutalize them and take away their homes. Yet, the Native Americans are the people that hold knowledge we need to listen to. They hold the wisdom we need to know about to help awaken our society.
Another we dismissed in history are the children. All through history, children were seen and not heard, yet this is the group we need to listen to. Children hold a wisdom in them that many adults seem to forget. In a sense, they are color blind till somebody teaches them different. The color of ones skin to a child is just a color in the collection of crayons. The child will look at a person instead of the outward shell. A child see’s and feels things that many adults refuse to see.
The disabled are another group that many just label and want to put away, but are they really disabled? Probably the ones that want to label the ones that are against societies norms are the ones that are disabled. Think about it, if you are so busy labeling other people that are different then you are then the labeler is the one that is impaired. If you ever listen to the ones that have been labeled with what society see’s as challenged, you will hear great wisdom from this group. Their wisdom is great because they know how to live life as the person they are. They do this through living as they are.
Two other beings I need to say that they need to be heard. Look at the animals. What are they trying to tell us? Why do some people try and hurt them?
Finally, let’s not forget those aliens. Without them, humans would not be as advanced as they are. They came down to teach and bring us new knowledge. The aliens are trying to come back to help us with the awakening process, but the human race either fears them or completely dismiss them. I say bring in the aliens we need to hear what they have to say. Let’s take the time to listen to the groups that get dismissed, you might learn something.
BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33 4/3/2009

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