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 Dearest spiritual siblings, my previous contribution dealt with one of my past lives lived fully as a shaman, well as shamans our circle of servise is indeed wider every pasing day, so the following raedings has to do how to liberate and make it an everday sacred tool in order to have always opened our entrance to our never ending overflowing fountain of divine inspiration.


We, as spiritual beings deserve to follow the wise suggestions coming from a very subtle voice; the Still Small Voice Within, but most of us fail because following our inner consciousness, thus we also fail in creating a much more enjoyable life. It is has been proven with facts that when a human being does what he loves doing there exists an incomparable spiritual satisfaction. We are able to succeed because enthusiasm and a wonderful feeling of altruistic emotions fulfill our hearts and minds.

 Again please let me suggest some useful techniques which my students and myself have done. For seven minutes we give our minds total liberty, so it can get tired. Afterwards we do our best to still our minds by quieting conflicting thoughts. We visualize ourselves right in front of a tranquil beautiful lake. The water on the surface and deep this placid lake is very still, and then our minds become this lake. Immediately we ask ourselves if we need to be aware of something regarding our daily actions. We’ve used our smelling sense first, next our sight and last our hearing perception.

   We visualized ourselves emerging now from this lake on top of a solid square rock facing eastwards. All our body is very wet, but we feel this water as a cleaning agent. A pleasant sunbeam is above our heads. The heat from the sun evaporates all our toxins; physical, emotional, mental even spiritual. Now the wonderful fresh air filled with the regenerating vital force from the universe is absorbed harmoniously through our nostrils. Then, by feeling the solid rock under our feet we feel the Earth’s healthy magnetic energies ascend very slowly through our bodies.

   This shaman’s sacred ritual permits us that our minds fly high above. We see us down below and as we ascend we feel a wonderful feeling of peace profound. Our experience is unique. We, at last feel like the wonderful spiritual beings we always have been. So, by holding our spiritual hands we make a complete circle around our planet. We say a prayer and start sending our best intentions to every human being imagining that a beautiful soft pink light emanates from each of our loving hearts and a violet powerful beam expands from every single mind affecting very positively all the surface of our wonderful planet. Next to all the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom; love, healing, peace, well being, compassion, understanding and most importantly a sense of true brotherhood among every human being.

 We discovered that averter four tries; each every Sunday to listen to our inner voices became an easy enjoyable task. We shared supreme mystical experiences. I believe that here at Intent this action will soon bear wonderful mental-spiritual fruits.



Thank you my beautiful bothers and sisters.


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Comment by Jane Jones on November 20, 2011 at 11:11pm

Thank-you Ezequiel for making my life so much better. My awareness of these techniques is helping me regain much lost time spent; well; wasted in the past. Wish i had these techniques growing up; I am certain i would have fared much better in life!




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