Letting Ourselves "Be" During the Holidays

I remember last year when Christmas rolled around. I couldn't wait to decorate my porch with the lighted wreathe and garland I had been wanting to decorate with for a couple of years. Well last year I found the perfect one!

I felt so joyful and happy when my hubby and I decked our porch with our "sparkling yet natural" decor. And the lights displayed on homes everywhere seemed to be saying "look, how fun, let there be Light!"

This year, however, I am feeling very differently. And that is ok too. My hubby and I have been through a tough period, and my personal focus is on relaxing, resting and tuning in. The economic crisis is affecting my family and many others, as well as the world events, and the TV commercials encouraging people to spend, spend, spend seem misplaced and insensitive. Not that they ever seem otherwise! But this year in particular, I just want to enjoy my husband being home, my sister and brother-in-law coming to visit, not to "celebrate with big christmas fuss" but just to get together and be real. In a way, it seems a long time coming.

Christmas is a time of year when we do think about our friends and families more strongly than any other time of year. And I do enjoy sitting by the fireplace and watching a light-hearted holiday movie or special or two. But the real meaning of Christmas, and in honoring and loving the peace within ourselves, can unfold and be spent however we choose.

I don't think we'll be putting up our usual lights this year. Too tired. Although you never know, either me or my hubby may suddenly get the urge. But I don't think so. And you know what? That too is just fine with me. It will still be a happy Christmas.

Peace and love to you and yours. However you choose to spend it.

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Comment by Sarah Sunny on December 3, 2009 at 10:00pm
The season to me is to be at "Peace," to focus on the spirit of love, peace and good will towards all. I passed on the lights this year...and we are only putting up a few decorations. A smaller tree then we usually put up as well. And that is what is making me feel peaceful...this is a season of healing for me, restful, peaceful, relaxing healing...and that' how we shall spend it!

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