Don't Resist Change
There was this museum laid with beautiful marble tiles, with a huge marble statue displayed in the middle of the lobby. Many people came from all over the world just to admire this statue. One night, the marble tiles started talking to the marble statue.

Marble Tiles: Hey statue, it's just not fair. Why does everybody from all over the world come all the way here just to step on me while admiring you?

Marble Statue: My dear friend, marble tile, do you still remember that we were actually from the same cave?

Marble Tiles: Yes! that's why I feel it is even more unfair. We were born from the same cave and yet we receive different treatment now. Not fair!

Marble Statue: Then, do you still remember the day when the designer tried to work on you but you resisted the tools?

Marble Tiles : Yes, I hate that guy, how could he use those tools on me?

Marble Statue : Well, he couldn't work on you, when he decided to give up on you and start working on me instead. I knew at once that I would be something different after his efforts. I bore all the painful tools he used on me!

Marble Statue continued: My friend, there is a price to everything in life, since you decided to give up half way, you can't blame anybody who steps on you now.!

The harder the knocks you go through in life, the more you learn and put them to use in the future! Do not be discouraged by setbacks and failures. Don't resist change; embrace it. Who knows, these setbacks & failures and the fears that come with change may be the tools for your success tomorrow!!.....

Kailash Kanoria

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Comment by Ramesh M. Shani on April 3, 2011 at 10:05am
Very nice story to relate to life.
Comment by Shawn Patrick Thompson on April 3, 2011 at 7:57am

Nice.I'll have to share that with the family.And thanx to Alexa for sharing.Much LOVE! 

Comment by Robert Shacket on April 2, 2011 at 2:09pm

Thank you for the reminder Alexa.....

The obstacles we encounter daily are merely steps to overcome and grow.

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