This morning Thunder woke up this house. My little dog *betsy* who was sleeping with me at the time really Freaked out. It had literally scared the pee out of her. Three spots at the end of my bed. She was so afraid of what my reaction was going to be she began pacing the room. No I was not happy about this but as soon as I realized this had happened out of fear my attitude to the event changed. I let her out cleaned it up and went on about my day. Thinking poor pup . Upon reflection I realize that if we all came to realize that many times when negative things happen people act in messed up ways, it’s because their afraid. Not malice not a desire to ruin you as a person they are running scared from something. We are animals too and when we are scared we act in odd ways without reason or rationality. So peeps I say don’t get mad cause they pissed on your bed kick them out clean up the mess and have compassion for their little frightened hearts. ( But don’t let them back on your bed!

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