Just showing up is all that matters*

Now I have been observing things in the Universe and have come to the conclusion on the Now as Bodhidharma might have seen..and the principles I have seen so far is with this Now in my clarity and moment by moment because it is this..as this is..is(Zen)
I came into this world many moments ago which I just showed up and lived through all those moments to bring me into the Now and also tells me I am just showing up and when I die which is a part of this loan program will just show up...

So in this world besides one hand clapping as a Zen Riddle mantra..guess what I am doing RIGHT NOW!!! Just showing up and that is all that is in life..no Objective and a simple plain TRUTH of the subjective reality I exist in and no more or less as in nothing to gain and nothing to lose....enjoy just showing up always...

Zen Rocks my World in Stillness and Wisdom of Nothing at All and keeps me there for it is...is*

I love this youtube video so much that you gotta see it again if you already have....enjoy the world you show up to..It is subjective reality and we belong to it as we are subjects within ourselves..the Soul*


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