The makers and lovers of lies are sometimes the exact same people. At other times, co-dependents.

If you have never heard the title of this essay in Amerika, you don't live here or have not lived here long. Among excuses, it is a long time favorite. More so among the bureaucrats strangled by more rules and regulations than any other class. You see, doing our job relieves us of all other responsibilities. We are not merely very busy trying to maintain unsustainable lifestyles, we are seriously occupied. We are so seriously occupied, we cannot keep up with current events, which is why we must own TVs. Nor do we have time for meaningful conversations. Small talk already takes up too much of our valuable time.

This might seem like a stressful way to live but a nation on the run knows little peace. And what are we running from? We are running from that ugly reflection in the mirror. We are running from responsibility. It works for corporations. It works for governments. Sooner or later it has to work for slaves. More than anything we are running from ourselves. We are scared witless we might not be the good people we boast of being to the rest of the world. What was it de Toqueville said? "When America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great". This prophecy has come to pass. We don't know when. We don't know how. Nor do we wish to know. Therefore, does the world see, we have no intention of making any corrections or behaving collectively in any responsible manner. We are non citizens in our own country, merely keeping up appearances. Don't expect us to be any better global citizens. We are corporate citizens. We are bottom liners. We live for today because we can see a very limited and contracted tomorrow, when we bother to look at all. We eat our young and have been doing so for forty years.

So what happened to us? Is it happening to others? What happened is corporate programming and it works so well it is becoming universal. As television replaced radio, the wizards of Madison Avenue advertising learned the key to subconscious programming of mass mind was a simple matter of repeating a desired message as often as possible. We too have known this from childhood. It is the method by which we learned our alphabet, learned to read, learned arithmetic, learned the rules of acceptable behavior, learned prayers and pledges.

What we failed to learn is, our subconscious has no identity. Our subconscious is indiscriminate. Anybody can train it by the mere act of repetition. Then ego, which has a strong identity and is much more discriminating, makes us believe every idea in our head is a well reasoned one which belongs to us. This identification is so strong we will defend it with violence if pushed far enough. Because we have been lied to as early as we can remember, by those we admired and respected, doubt and confusion have been our constant companions, making us insecure in everything but our most routine tasks and entertainments. Corporate management knows this, helped create it in several generations of Amerikans and knows how to maximize the profits from it. As long as they can keep us ignorant of how it is done, the profits can only grow. Those profits create new jobs and keep us busy busy and unable to reprogram.

It is not as though political leadership is any different. They grew up with the same TVs. So when charitable people from other nations say they love Amerikans, its the leadership they can't stand, they are simply being polite. The criminals in leadership positions may have bought their way in with their own money or promises, but they are otherwise average Amerikans with better opportunities to profit from their fear and insecurities. Their puppet masters are well aware of this fact also.

I have never seen a more fearful and insecure man than George W. Bush. In my carefully considered opinion, the most dangerous man on planet earth. Second to him in fear and insecurity are most members of the United States Congress, making this the most dangerous government to ever make war on the planet. Add to them, the economic support of the fearful and insecure people of Amerika and only divine intervention will prevent the disaster the watchful world can feel in its bones.

The only other solution is counter programming of the collective Amerikan subconscious and who will do it? Every individual could in a matter of weeks, months and years, as with basic education but for the near future who will make them aware this is possible or desirable - the churches? I doubt that. I thought the shock treatment of 911 would hasten the needed awakening promised by astrologers. I was very wrong about that. It's going to take a lot more shock therapy and that is not my job.

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