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Journey in Life Lessons/Part 2: Relationships


Journey in Life Lessons/Part 2: Relationships

     Relationship to me means our interaction with another being whom ever that may be, there can be many different kinds of relationships, but how you behave with that person and the quality of experience you get depends on how you both interact with one another, it can be loving or hateful, harmonious or chaotic or some where in between.

     I have discovered in my 54 years, that having loving, harmonious relationships is tricky business. they are like glass, be careful how you handle them. Too many times i have dealt with people who do not know how or refuse to communicate and be respectful of others feelings.

     I have always been a dreamer, believing all people should love one another and never understanding why people have to be prejudice or ignorant. Believe me, i have learned my relationship lessons the hard way! Dealing with un-needed abuse of many kinds. It has taken me most of my adult life to learn to forgive and let go,and accept things as they are. Actually just in the past 4 years have i started to come out of the dark inner hell i was creating for myself. Delaying my much needed "inner work".

     Take my advice,trying to fit in with people you don't belong with doesn't work people! Some relationships are not worth being in or keeping, but we can still learn valuable lessons from them. I believe people come into our lives for a reason and the lessons we learn from others is a valuable asset in the long run if we learn to take things in the right perspective, and face things with honesty, courage, and forgiveness. And a good thing to remember is that you may not realize the value of a relationship lesson until many years later, but there comes a time when we must learn to let go of that which is not in our best interest nor of the other person.

     I have always thought of myself as a spiritual person, looking for love and respect and always paying it forward, and always wondering why i am being hurt by those i love? causing myself much grief and depression in the process, even thinking about killing myself at times,but my inner knowingness kept me from doing that, thank goodness! a dark place i no longer wish to visit! Feeling like i have never belonged on this planet or with any certain group of people. Beam my up Scotty and all that!

     Like i said before, i was always a spiritual person and tryed to find the "right" religious outlet for me, and prayed everyday, but to no avail, and wondering why, then i finally learned that it is "our feelings", "our thoughts and intentions" that draw that negative karma or situations to us. Well du!. Why it took me so long to find that information and absorb it, i don't know, maybe the universe thought i wasn't ready. This most definitely has a bearing on our relationships in this life as well. For example, you may ask yourself, why do i keep attracting bad relationships in to my life? Could it be because you are not thinking or feeling in the right way? It is said that things manifest according to our feelings and thoughts, well, interesting science behind all that! But it is all very simple when it dawns on you!

     Through much trial and error things are finally coming full circle in my life experience, i have learned to release and let go of the past and realize how important and freeing it is to just let go and forgive the past and all those in it that might have caused us pain or suffering. If we don’t learn to let go then we not only harm our True selves but it affects others around us as well.

     So, the moral of this little story is to share the idea, and to encourage others not to hang on to the negative things of the past, the events have served their purpose, make a pledge to let go of any grievances, regrets or resentments and forgive and be free! Life is too short to spend it in anger, misery and pain, inner suffering and depression. Learn to communicate with those around you, building more trust, harmony and respect, especially those you love and care about. I love you all and may we all succeed in fostering positive, loving and harmonious relationships in this life time. Love and light, Faiza

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