Integrating Awakened Masculine Energy with the Feminine

Integrating Awakened Masculine Energy with the Feminine ~~ 

We are currently in a collective cosmic pocket where many of us are learning or experiencing the balancing of our inner awakened masculine and feminine energies. This movement holds true for both men and women and is a natural progression in working with the great influx of Feminine energy that has been rebirthed on our planet collectively post the 2012-14 shift. Amazing days.

As we continue our inner work as well to continue to clear and heal the core mother/father (masculine/feminine) wounding that humanity has experienced individually and as a whole, let these words around the awakening masculine help serve you in identifying and balancing (bringing forth) the feminine and masculine that resides within us all.

"Th[e] awakened masculine energy arises as we become skilled in integrating our descents in the black hole [of whole-istic recovery/awakening]. This energy is alert, calm, spacious and lovingly fierce. This masculine energy is like a laser beam; precise, committed to unapologetic action that comes from a place of highest service, with utmost integrity and unwavering commitment. I experience this masculine energy like the energy of an eagle—it has deep clarity and a higher outlook that allows it to take swift, precise action at the right time. It has an energy of “It is done” and success being assured, not from an arrogant place but from a place of immense love and clear direction" ~~ Bethany Webster

Deep work is happening now, and is being so sweetly held within the soothing delight of summertime and its kind of relaxed ease that so lovingly allows for it all. So ask for support if/when you need it. And then relax. Sink into summer. And remember, there is nothing really "to do." Just be aware. And allow. 
~ Namaste

Artwork: EagleWoman by Boulet

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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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