Monday morning January 31st at 6 am (PST) IMVU changed the codes that enable the triggerless music so that only 20 seconds of any song will be played.  If they were having copyright infringement problems, they should have said so in the beginning.  But no, they just did it without giving anyone advance notice  or reimbursing anyone for the music they had bought.  And when Stephen called to complain about it, they were quite happy about what they’d done.  They fairly crowed about it, and gloated.  Stephen is just hopping mad.  This is not the first time that IMVU has ripped off its 150,000 customers.  They will take things from people’s inventories that they have paid good money or credits for, and refused to reimburse them.  And yet, they do nothing to the scammers who hack people’s accounts on IMVU, nor to the child porn ring that thrives on IMVU.  For all of IMVU’s moralistic posturing, and blather about making the GA (General Access) areas safe for children, it makes one believe that that the hackers and child porn ring members have a sweetheart deal with the people who run IMVU.


Monday afternoon we went to the website that the FBI agent Stephen talked to provided him with, and filed a formal complaint against IMVU. is run by a consortium of three agencies: the FBI themselves, along with the Internet Crime agence and the agency fighting white collar crime.  We urge you to go to and file a complaint if you’ve been victimized by IMVU’s ripoffs.  You don’t have to capitalize the I and the C.  I just did it to make it stand out, and be easily seen.   


Our new 2nd website came up last night.  It’s  That final forward slash is very important.  Be sure you also go to and sign up for a reading, a class and or research.  For $60, you can have 2 out of the three.  Or you can donate through Paypal.  Call either number: 1-888-611-7982 or 916-455-2267. Also come to our network  Upgrading it so that you can have music on your pages is going to be delayed by this rent crisis. 


Our new website is the conduit that unites all three.  I would like everyone to boycott and (Avalon).  All they care about is getting their sticky hands on your money.  They don’t care about their members as people.  They are selfish and greedy. 


Stephen’s IMVU software crashed several times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I’m glad I got out of IMVU when I did.  It was just causing a lot of stress.  I wasn’t getting any enjoyment out of it.  And why does someone do IMVU or anything like it, if not for entertainment?  Sure, there are those who work for IMVU as developers, but even they are getting disgusted and also leaving.  The group Save Our Music is growing by leaps and bounds. We don’t know whether its member ship has reached 2000 yet, but it’s getting there.  Stephen loves it, and is very active in it.  He came up with the battle cry “F___ you, IMVU, pay up or face the music!”  I don’t feel comfortable using the F word online.  I came back with a counter line, “If you’re going to screw them, use a condom, they probably have a disease.”  There are many plans for civil disobedience against IMVU, demonstrations, boycotts,  and petitions being signed.  Stephen is very impressed by these plans.  He wants to see as many people join as possible.  So if you who are reading this got ripped off by IMVU, join the group.  It’s not Stephen’s group.  It’s not in any way connected with us. 


Our newest staff member, Tony, son of Crystal, said, “Some people only have internet at work, not at home.  Others, like me, do have internet at home.  We like to have our music on IMVU because we don’t have stereos, and the music relaxes us, and helps us to think better.” 


It’s obvious that IMVU doesn’t care about its members, except as cash cows.  So why do people still belong?  Stephen says “Leaving is what they want us to do.  I want to fight IMVU from the inside.  That’s where I feel we can do them the most damage.”  But people are leaving in droves.  Last night we estimate that the online population was down by at least 28,000.  “I want IMVU shut down.”  What I’d personally like to see is IMVU in the same situation we’re in, in poverty, facing eviction, and seeing no way out of their predicament.      . 

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