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The world’s need is to create very interesting programs for our children’s integral education. We still haven’t used the great affinity existing between our senior citizens and our young children. The beauty of story telling is now very rare. This action allowed small children developed their creative imagination by the spoken word because the expert storyteller was able to fascinate his audience just with his mimics and his voice. That’s the reason why children just fifty years ago and further back enjoyed this habit. It was indeed wonderful to witness this so needed storytelling done by an old person surrounded by small children. 

My suggestion is then to create special programs in which senior citizen should be chosen to carry out this endeavor. A promising future for our children starts today! Here and now with our participation! The gap between children and their parents disappears when we have together senior citizens with small children. This is a proven fact worldwide. What are we waiting for? We must take advantage of this huge opportunity. How? By creating special programs in which these old wise people can transmit their experiences to our children in a very safe scenario. Nowadays our technology makes this task easier by either having close circuit cameras or rooms like those used in police interrogation rooms in which you are seen but you can’t see. The harmonious communion between the senior citizens and small children shouldn’t be interrupted. 

From a very wide and healthy mystical perspective this affinity is due because we senior citizens appreciate life with a harmonious point of view. We have realized that it time to return society some of our numerous blessings and what a wonderful opportunity to enlighten the minds and hearts of our children. We are in the winter of our lives regarding our physical bodies, but our souls are in the eternal spring. And children are in the spring of their physical bodies and the eternal spring of their beautiful souls. That’s the main reason for this affinity. Our long lives spent facing and solving many issues have domesticated our behavior. There I also a great affinity between winter and spring than from spring to summer or from summer to autumn. 

The soul personalities of old people start gaining great strength due to the diminishing of their physical forces. At last we are able to follow the wise advice from our inner self. Something similar occurs with small children. Their soul personalities don’t find resistance from the physical entities so, these soul personalities exhibit much more wisdom than knowledge. Creativity is at its peak in these two ages. 
If you are a young person or a middle aged human being it’s time to dedicate some time pondering on this article. 
Best regards . 

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