Throw open the gates. Come One - Come All.

Although charged with the security of national borders by the "supreme" law of the land, Congress has pursued open door policies over the past century or longer. When lawmakers subvert the law they create, by deliberate non enforcement, they surrender all legal and moral authority to compel you and me to uphold their never ending laws. They encourage and allow the continuous daily invasion of this nation by those who understand American law amounts to window dressing. Now we are faced with a situation where Congressional criminals demand that citizens make life difficult for the guests they invite and encourage. If an employer of undocumented workers cannot win this case in court, it can only be the courts are as criminal as Congress itself. Do as we say, not as we do.

Illegal immigration is nearly as good for business as war. If we could choose one or the other, I would prefer the immigration. But this is America so we do both. If we could only admit whatever is good for business is good for everyone, we could end all the hypocrisy. We could all admit we serve money while pretending to serve God and humanity. We could all work for a dollar per day and fairly compete with workers all over the world. Of course, professionals and politicians would receive ten dollars per day to encourage sixteen or twenty years of education and indoctrination, just as we do now.

Let's end the hypocrisy. Let's throw the national doors open to any who want to live and work here. Let us make citizens of all who desire citizenship. However, if the hypocrisy is more profitable to business than an official open door policy, give us more. When corrupt and criminal government fails, as it always does, the undocumented worker will teach us how to feed ourselves and prosper in the cash economy. I swear there is an up side to every stupid rule. We only need patience to see and apply it. The region where I live is literally and figuratively hot. Migrants are filling the land from the North and the South. No matter what happens in Detroit or New York, boom times are here to stay in my neighborhood.

On 4 May, 2005, John Kyl, U.S. Congressman, appeared on public television telling Arizonans the important thing to remember about border security is; it is possible. Which is to say, it remains possible for Congress to obey the law. The comfort I took from his message lasted only until I realized this law would be obeyed by Congress only at the expense of many long political careers no Congress people intend to sacrifice. After all, it is also possible to prevent people from flying airplanes into buildings. Possibility offers small comfort in the face of status quo. So long as people accept the politics of hypocrisy as normal, possibilities are irrelevant.
Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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