This is me, always working on something, always going to become, always going to do,,,but they are just words. Well I finally registered to receive my Masters Degree in Education. WOW it took 30 years, but who is counting.

Incomplete projects, I had so many, Some were decided because I thought I wanted to have a million dollar internet business or I wanted to become an accountant, or have my own tax practice, or run my own day care, or , or ,or, just fill in the blanks. You get my drift.

Well, being in a state of incomplete projects has just worn me out.

Well today I woke up with the main purpose of completing my first assignment for my course. Thank goodness it is online, because I have 24 hours in a day to work on each weeks assignment. Look like a good deal for me.

Just got my "little W2 from my employer, so I guess I can pull up the 1040 and get this done today and have it ready to submit when I get when I get paid.

So really all I am blogging about, is getting things done...Stop putting stuff off.

Have a great day

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Comment by Alexa on January 29, 2010 at 9:01pm
I'm feeling this way too, Iris! and hey... good luck with the course and way to go!
Comment by Marianne on January 27, 2010 at 9:15am
Thanks for the reminder; I really DID need that today. And congratulations for getting on with your plans.

Best of luck,
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