How The Universe is Formed by You and Me

In January 2013 I began to receive communication from a massive Collective Energies of the Universe, who gave me a reference name of Nu. They narrated to me some 200,000 words in three manuscripts, about after life, dream levels and energy merge,and creative light. Some of the information is scientific, some is spiritual, but all of it is the most amazing and wonderful thing to happen in my consciousness. One of the amazing informations was how the universe is formed. I am no scientist, but what they say is that our thoughts are electro magnetic and electro energy combined with the invisible particles of emotion energy. These once released are real energies and go on to group with the same 'thought vibrational energies'. Portions of these 'thought vibrational energies' remain within your aura and attract similar....some travel within the earths the same  vibrational energy which may be across the other side of the every energy be it animal or human or plant, or the earth itself....But some go on to group and form and reform in other atmospheres around our Earth, and some portions form and reform in what we call Space. These form clouds of gas, electric, energy of different kinds within the trillions of 'thought vibration energies' of everyone who has ever lived, is living and these condense and amalgamate until matter begins to form...then continues to expand until the electric (which is different to the type we know) within, forces an explosion and a star, a planet, a trail, a vortex is formed.   From the moment that that information came, i knew it was true and the understanding of energy and how we are all connected, clicked into place. The manuscripts are being considered for publication for paperback at the moment, but the first is on Kindle and is about the after life, consciousness of our energy and what we can expect.  Its title is Lives and After Lives by me janine e lever. Thank you for reading my blog and I will tell you about Creative Light in my next blog. love and peace Janinexxxx

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Comment by Alexa on October 5, 2013 at 5:55pm

this is beautiful Janine and fascinating to read. thank you and god bless you for sharing, can't wait to read more. and hope the publication goes quickly and well. wonderful. Namaste ~ is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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