Holidays are fun if you can avoid stress before hand, if you cant avoid the stress why bother with the holiday. Well are holiday was stress three as I had three days to get ready. Camping can be fun if you got all the right equipment, first the tent had to be dragged screaming out from the attic were it had been put before cherry moved in to the house, about ten years ago, any way out of the attic it came. Next put it up and see if it is all there. O k the poles are split but go together, no holes that I can see but no tent pegs, so of to the tent shop. Once I got the tent pegs it was off to neals to put the tent back up and leave it over night, rain was forecast so we would no if it was water tight, well well the next day we went to check the tent only the weatherman had got it wrong and we had no rain. I put cherry in the tent zipped it up and Neal put the hose on it to simulate rain, I was lucky to see cherry emerge from the tent dry the tent did not leak, about half an hour later we took the tent back down, packed it back in it bag this time with tent pegs. Next of to the shop for food and a tripod and grill I had seen in Yorkshire trading, would be very handy for cooking on an open fire as I don’t like to us a gas stove, plus its not the same sitting by a gas stove gently hissing when you finished eating a meal, I would rather have the flames licking the flames as it goes up into the night sky.
Once all that was done it was time to go in the shed, a wonderful place no female should be allowed near as they always tidy up making it hard to find anything you are looking for, to be fair I cant always find what I am looking for in my shed as cherry doesn’t go in there to tidy up, anyway I soon had all I needed, gas stove for making tea in the middle of the night, anytime from 12 o’clock till 6 as you don’t know what time you will wake up. I do remember in my teens the biscuit tin most people had in the boot of there car, it would contain a kettle, cups, tea, sugar, water and a stove, people would drive out into the country, pull up in a lay by at the side of the road, then pull fold up chairs out of the boot along with the biscuit tin, they would then make a cup of tea and sit watching the traffic go by. Well I don’t have one of these tines but I do have a small kettle and two small pans some barbeque irons all left over from other expositions. I had a sheet in the shed left over from something I cant remember what, 8 eyelets got punched into the sheet so I could tight it down and make a lean to so I fought over the fire if it rained, it did get used for something ells later as I will tell.
Forward planning is the key so plasters, aspirin, allergy tablets and two high visibility vest all got packed into an array of bags, 5 in total you would think I was of to clime mt Kilimanjaro if you could see us. Now I was ready and so was cherry. Last weekend me and cherry had visited a good friend Brian in scar bough, he had taken us out to a place called raven scar just next to robin hood bay in Yorkshire, a very nice place with rolling hills and cliffs, we had a walk about the area so we new where we would be alright to camp without being told to move on. Brian picked us up and we where off only about 30 miles from where we lived. On arrival we decided to find a spot to camp so of along the cliffs we went on the Cumberland way, about a mile later we turned around and went back to the car and drove to the other side of raven scar were Brian made us a cup of tea before we descended the hill and along a disused railway track, the scar bough to Whitby line to raven scar brickworks now no longer in use, we walked this way and that for about an hour till we found a spot on one of the trails, a nice spot over looking the bay.
Back to the car for are kit so we could set up camp. About 15 minutes later we were loading up with our bags and of down the track this time it was through the woods to the spot we had picked. Brian helped us set up camp and it only took us about half an hour that’s when we discovered we had three small holes in the tent and had left the fishing rod in the car, so of went Brian back to the car to return with the fishing rod and some tap to plug the holes. I had a fire going by now and we would all be drinking hot tea before long, I made a meal for the three of us, having empted the fridge before we left home so there was no telling what delicacy we could have during the week, most of the food we got to come away with was dry goods, nodal, rise and cup a soup, the only meat we took was a frozen barbeque pack, I new it would defrost long before I used it all. Peppers, celery, new potatoes, apples and eggs, I even took the bottle of milk no point in leaving it all to go to be throne away on are return.
Well are first meal was chicken and sausages with nodal, I did add a cup a soup to the nodal to add flavour. It went down a treat and we all cleaned up the food in no time. Brian left us about 8 o’clock, it was nice to have is company but even nicer to site by the fire with cherry and watch the sun go down, the love between us was incredible and always is. The sky was cloudy but we had no rain for the next two nights. The following night we had a meal of the last of the sausages with a packet of rise, I cut the sausages up small and add them to the rice with some garlic chilly peppers and celery, sausage stew I called it, it was very nice for a meal put together with out any proper cooking facility, a flattish stone was used for a chopping board to chop the garlic and chilly peppers.
We were very lucky the spot we had picked was 15 minutes walk from the nearest house so walking was the order of the day, the wide life was good watching falcons and other birds of pray, they were hunting around us all the time. The first night I had seen two dear in the fields below us. On the first night I had seen two dear in the fields below us. The third night I cut the three peppers in half, deseeded them and took what was left of the beef burgers, they were very mushy by now having been defrosted three days, cramming the peppers full of meat was fun and I could see by cherry’s face she wasn’t imprested with what I was doing. Chilly and garlic was also added , all put in a pot with a lid on and put over the fire, about an hour later we were eating, it was good so you can see you don’t have to eat egg bacon and beans all the time you are camping you just need a little emanation.
On the third night cherry had got the call of nature and got up about two in the morning, on returning to the tent I heard a rip as she came back in, I will zip the flap up if you like, as soon as I got to the flap I could see we now had a sun roof in the tent, if the stars had not been hidden by the clouds I may have left it so we could lay in bed looking at them, a rip two feet long was a bad thing to have in a tent as we were only half way through are holiday, staying very calm I got the sheet I had brought with us and a ball of string, what a sight I must have looked in my boots, under pants and t shirt, no wonder cherry could not stop laughing, it dint take to long to cover the hole, in fact it covered nearly the hole tent so in true British style I celebrated with a cup of tea, just as the heavens opened up and the rain came down.
That night I had a dream, we had visited the site of an old alum works on top of the cliffs below us that day, learnt a bit about the history of the landscape we were in, well spirit is never far from mine and cherry’s minds so sometimes we do work with spirit, we get shown this in are dreams, I believe this was the case in this instance. I meet one of the alum workers, a young man in spirit that was locked on the earth plain, I told him to go to the light, he just looked at me and said you are the light, my response to him was o k follow me and he said as long as I am back in time for work. I took him to heaven along with a woman that was in the dream, the thing that hit me was the fact that this lad had been stuck in another time unable to move on because of his work commitment, stuck working at a place that did not exists anymore only in time, his time. Both me and cherry did a lot of praying over the next few days cleaning the land of trapped spirits, I even had a sailor come to me waiting for his next voyage. The landscape did seem to get brighter when we had cleaned the energies that where left there, all though it was a quarry, brick works and an alum works with 160 workers it must have been a hard place to live 200 years ago, this did feel a lot of souls had gone over hear because of accidents and ill heal from poisons in the air and land, god bless them all.
We have all been leaving the spirit plain and coming to the earth for such along time and pouring all the hurt into the land, its in the air we breath and the time we are in, the clean up as begun by light workers all over the planet, you can all play a part just pray and poor love into the earth, both me and cherry did poor love into the land well on holiday an made a little deferens to the world our world
Spirit had defiantly influents me on this camping trip as I would not have taken the sheet and a ball of string. This was not the first time I had been told to take something I would not have taken, on a trip to Scotland I took a trolley with me to carry a ruke sack on, well spirit had told me to take a spare trolley witch I did. Well the first one was worn out as the wheel fell of in the middle of nowhere, I did find a bin to put it in evitably, one of my pet hates is rubbish in the country side, you see bottles, crisp packets, fridges you name it and you will see it. On are last day we did collect two full carrier bags of larger cans and bottles, not ours I will add they went in a wheelie bin along with our tent, if there addent been a bin handy we would have brought them home.
Water took us an hour to collect at the church in raven scar. Robin hood bay was were we got anything ells we needed one and a half hours to walk there, and we did make three journeys there in the end. Brian came out to us on the Friday night to tell us he would pick us up on the Saturday morning, by now I was looking forward to a hot bath and a soft bed, well that’s me for now, take care of yourselves and look after our planet.

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Comment by stefan antal on June 21, 2009 at 4:40pm
i will have to visit there one day, glade you injoyed the blog, robin hood bay was a great place to stay will go back all being well befor the end of the summer, love to you and yours stefan
Comment by Maria on June 21, 2009 at 9:51am
Hi Stefan,

You brought back some great childhood memories of Scarborough and Robin Hoods Bay. I also live in the north of England and loved going to such places as a child with my beloved Grandma.

It seems such a shame that people litter the countryside with cans and rubbish just left there - senseless really.

Did you visit nearby Sandsend? Theres a wonderful healing centre there which offers lots of courses and therapies. It's run by a great woman called Di Wilson.

Take care,

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