I was inspired to write a bit about healing depression today. So here it is.

One take on depression is that it is anger turned inwards. I found in my own journey through feeling depressed from debilitating illness that when I expressed the anger, really expressed it and got it out, usually guided by my teacher, the depression would clear. That showed me it was true, depression is usually anger turned inwards.

It is also usually related to the past. Even if the trigger is in the present situation, it cords back to unexpressed childhood issues. Release the anger, over and over, may take a long time. One of my spiritual teachers took two steady years of releasing his anger. Some take even longer! Or shorter. Depending. But in the moment, just express all the feelings that are there. And you may feel it lift right away.

I have also learned that sometimes hormone imbalances, endocrine or neurotransmitters, or environmental toxins, are also all things that can cause (brain fog) the brain to become deficient in serotonine, dopamine, etc., the "feel good" brain hormones. So cleansing, deep physical cleaning, can also heal depression. Healthy diet, cleansed body, and balanced hormones. And don't forget to exercise! Raises those endorphines.

In either case, it takes alot of work. But that is what brings the healing. It may be a bit of both.

And it certainly is one day at a time. Letting self love blossom one step at a a time. These are just a few main thoughts that came to mind today on a complex subject. peace.

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