God's Light is full with His Love.

       God's Love is full with His Life.

             God's Life is full with His Light.

                 And we human beings are full of God's attributes.



Our soul appreciates and understands God's Intense Light; our mind is capable of absorbing and using God's Love; our body is able to learn from God's everlasting Life.

It would be a wonderful divine idea to learn to work with The Light. Every morning, as we wake up let's take a shower of this divine light. Our emotions will be benefited first. Our thoughts will be second. Our spiritual being will be third. This triple cleansing will allow us to dwell in Jesus Christ Loving Heart. In no time our auras will be gotten rid of the shadows of our world.

But the ideal of course is to combine the wisdom, purity, eternity and divinity of our soul personality with the knowledge of an adult physical human being. To uncover the immaculate core of our aura which is like heavenly light?

  Light is associated with a smile full of divine essence. A famous Chinese saying: "Cry and you cry alone". "Laugh and the world laughs with you" So even though our heart is bleeding, our smile for the sake of the people whom we are communicating with. It is the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa.

    Meditation is really an authentic experience that involves our whole being instead of wishful thinking. Let's dare to say that the secret of being luminous is being in love. And when we say that we are not talking about being in love with a person, I am talking about being in love with divine love.

Experiencing immense and intense Divine Love is surely man's greatest blessing. I personally admire our brother Greg Kirk when in his main intent expressed "I want to be lost in the light!"Since then, I've given a lot of thought about this. This is the main reason you are reading this. Please allow me to thank my soul mate because we both felt illuminated as we experienced unconditional love for each other. Thank you! I love you!




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Comment by Alexa on February 9, 2013 at 10:52am

I love this Ezequiel, so beautiful and true. I am feeling it too!!

thank you. I love you!

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