Spring is finally here, at least in timing, if not quite yet in weather, but what a magical time.

Many of us spent a deep internal winter post-shift and feel ready to re-emerge, if indeed slowly, into the light of Spring.

We've been planting seeds of rebirth for a long time now, changing old habits, and have committed to our new life and new paradigm in both thinking and action. And that's been alot of work to do! Now it's time to let it all go and begin to enjoy the fruits and blossomings of those transformational seeds, one new and gentle Spring step at a time.


As a part of my joy-gifting, I have been participating with an online 21-day meditation challenge at this perfect time of year, offered by the Oprah/DeepakChoprah network. Some of you may be particpating too! I am grateful to say that for me It has been anything BUT challenging... really, it has been so easy and such a joy to wake up each morning with a new warm-and-wonderful meditation in my inbox, just waiting for me to settle into and enjoy. It's such a magical way to start the day and reminds me of how wonderful it feels to simply and gratefully receive nurturing and nourishment from others as well, a lesson I am happily learning to master at this time in my journey. It's been a long time coming and I am enjoying this opening to receiving an abundance of healthy loving nurture from other sources in my life. And with much gratitude as well. Delicious.


Today's messsage from Oprah/Deepak is about Spring Emerging and the synchronistic messages that I'm surely seeing in my daily life that are sprouting from the seeds of intent we have each been planting over the course of the winter-shift and even over the past few weeks. I wanted to post it here as well because it is a good and simple introduction to the Celebration of Spring, and a joyful affirmation for those of us choosing to live in a healthy and nourishing new manner of life. Enjoy these new Spring steps!


namaste ~


From Oprah's newsletter:

Today we celebrate the synchronicity that lives between our Perfect Health journey and the beginning of Spring—the season associated with new beginnings, growth, and rejuvenation. What a perfect time to reflect and witness the sprouts that may be emerging from the seeds you have planted during the last two weeks! 

You are stepping into a new season in your life, one that you are choosing and creating. It is a powerful moment where conscious choices ignite transformational change.  What nourishing choices are you making today?

  • Taking a break to enjoy a walk outdoors?
  • Choosing a healthy meal with foods that include all colors of the rainbow?
  • Making time for your meditation practice?
  • Appreciating the people you love?

The action of introducing gentle new choices and rituals into each day is the key to activating the vision of your best self.

Spring is a season of celebration. Today we celebrate your dedication and active participation in creating a life filled with passion, joy, and good health.



Happy Spring!



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