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Ok here is more gratitude..

This first part comes from Wallace Wattles...i found somewhere on the web..

The more gratefully we fix our minds
on the Supreme when good things come to us,
the more good things we will receive,
and the more rapidly they will come;
and the reason simply is that
the mental attitude of Gratitude
draws the mind into closer touch with
the source from which the blessings come.
If it is a new thought to Us that Gratitude
brings Our whole mind into closer harmony
with the creative energies of the universe,
consider it well, and We will see that it is true.”

This next part is I believe I got in a email..

"Gratitude is the attitude, you attract what you put your mind to, so think clear thoughts, speak from your heart, all that you create comes back to you." - The Luminaries

Gratitude is the attitude that makes your dreams come true!

Being joyful is not what makes you grateful. Instead, being grateful is what makes you joyful."

So, focus on all the things you are grateful for today and watch as more things manifest into your life for you to be grateful for

Even Oprah Winfrey keeps a gratitude journal..if you don't believe me it!!

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Comment by Alexa on February 14, 2010 at 7:30pm
happy gratitude day!




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