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conscious wellbeing for ourselves & our world

Our Creator infunded in every and each one of us this never ending thirst for learning. 

This action is carried out on a daily basis with our pure love for our humanity, Mother Nature and every Kingdom of God. 

In my case I was double blessed because God helped me find great esoteric teachings at an early age. The more I learn my self-commitment to share it with my fellow men and women grows more intensely. 

This quality makes me really care about what others have to say about dealing with problem solving aspects. Sincere and honest communication has been my motto. I'm totally concsiuos that we aren't perfect human beings, but it doesn't deprive us to seek perfection. I firmly beleive that we are on our way to be reintigration with the UNITY.Our Glorious ONE. Our True Home! 

Please accompany me by repeating with our loving hearts this just inspired grateful prayer: 

"God please illuminate my mind, open my loving heart so it can radiate Infinite love, comprehension, health and compassion" 


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