Hmmmmbullshit!31 thousand scientists are calling bullshit!!!!9500 of them physicist's with over half of all having PhD's and they're top panel are retired NASA.They all had plenty of meetings,symposiums,and lectures that included all scientific data!
Unlike NASA EPA,Army Core of engineers and every other group involved in politics that's pushing this fear of oceans rising,along with over population that will be unsustainable do to scarcity caused by global warming..They have no data all!All they have is ever changing models that do not have anything to do with scientific proof....which is data!Until NASA coughs up anything valid, the worlds compliance with U.S.and U.N. caps on CO2 emissions,carbon tax,environmental fee ,taxes, tolls is flat out ignorance based on lies and fraudulent acts from criminal minds that are trying to control the masses! Believe or have the idea it could be worse than we think,if we've been suckered this far..
Listen people this is their agenda .They rolled out global warming with hands from every geo-political ,social,economical,environmental,scientific faction within their control.Hell, who was in the mix with Al gore ....none other than Nathan Rothschild.People the real science!RIGHT HERE! SHARE THIS LINK!And never forget Wilhelm Reich.He went to prison before he'd allow politics say what science is!

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