The Nourishing Forces of Yin and Kali in 2014

The nourishing forces of Yin and Kali in 2014.

By Stefanie Honeder.

All that is within the womb of 2014 is ready to be born NOW.

The nourishing forces of Kali. Kali is the Hindu Goddess of destruction, birth and radical creative freedom, sudden changes, volcanic eruptions; in general she is a symbol of the battlefields in ourselves.

Kali is the female energy of anger at the threshold of our hearts, guiding us to our own nourishing truth.

Kali is destroying what does not serve us, nor nourish us anymore. She is destroying the demons that keep our growth and creative freedom limited.

Kali has a big bloody womb and she wants to create and have many sweet babies. She has the strength to destroy and kill all demons that are a danger to our creative babies and efforts.

Often we find ourselves in situations that are outgrown: limits and experiences that we know and that keep us bored.

There is more than what we know right now in the vast nourishing creative womb of the universe.

Yoga is about expansion and discerning what is nourishing you in your life. Nothing regarded as exceptionally bad or good, a coffee once in a while or a beer once a week are not the yogis death.

Yoga keeps you uniting and integrating what keeps nourishing your life energy.

You learn not to waste your precious life force that you got for that one and only right now.

You learn to protect and direct it and discern what keeps your life energy(prana) nourishing. Your Prana is your holy gold inside.

Pratyahara(control of the senses) keeps your focus on your goal and helps you not waste your holy energy. This is what living your life like it’s golden really means.

Patience and a steadfast knowledge of yourself, keeps your life directing into only that surrounding which is loving, sweet and nourishing to you.

As life changes this surrounding will change from one year to another.

So what was great for you last year, is likely to change in the next. Some things stay, some things go, shifts are always promised. You had a different taste in kindergarden than you do right now.

Accepting the truth that the preferences of what is feeling good and nourishing to us are diverse and will be modified lifelong, is the first step towards change and freedom.

Whether it is food, or meeting people, our daily routines, things we read and music we listen to that are changed, allow the change to come through your life and let go what does not nourish you anymore. Slow changes create huge changes and are likely to bring more sweetness into your life than you can imagine right now. Always allow yourself to adjust towards your truth.

During those birth processes of our own life being restructured, we are recognizing that things that felt good once, do not excite us anymore. Satisfaction is on a low level. Contentment is something that is propelled towards the future.

If you recognize that you feel bored or drained out meeting some people or doing things repeatedly again in 2013, just accept that these relationships or actions are not serving you anymore. Allow yourself to fill that space of spending your time with another theme. New people will show up. New things to do will be offered.

First, we have to create space in letting go and saying to the universe: Sorry, but this does not work out for me anymore.

A vacuum is created and the flow of life can bring new sweet supporting and nourishing forces into our life.

One aspect we have to accept that in this vacuum we choose to create is that we can only surrender, wait and receive. The womb of the universe will bring a new birth, we just do not know the outcome. We can look at that birth process of our own life being born again and again with wonder and excitement. A mother being pregnant, is doing the same.

Yin Yoga definitely helped me with connecting more to that receiving and female side of myself.

Integrating that practice once a week, opened not only my hips in a deeper way, but also made me write more, accessing kind of a downloading writing force through my fingertips. This is feeling like a relentless, fierce, wild kali and yin creative force writing through me.

Creative processes can only happen in a receiving state of mind. We can only create a vacuum in our mind, erase our desktop, take a new scrapbook to write and paint a new chapter.

Destroying our own outgrown patterns is the most challenging process for human beings.

Connecting to the yin and kali symbolism helps us to come into a new flow and destroy all what does hinder us in living our truth and essence. Kali’s anger in ourselves, is just running over the old patterns and hindrances we used to step into. So we suddenly find ourselves in a new state of mind and see that we can create something new in not acting the way we used to. Kali is changing and shifting our routines, our way of relating to others and ourselves. Through Kali we can create something new, which has not been there yet.

Running after the creative muse, won’t attract her, rather those efforts leave us exhausted. Better to allow and create an inviting and welcoming nourishing space, where the wild creative kali forces can flow through you and destroy your routines. Accept that destroying our routines can bring discomfort and abandoned state of minds and times, but are also guiding us into subsequent creative freedom.

Patience, waiting and breathing in discomfortable situations are what we have to cultivate repeatedly as parents of paintings, books, music, films or a parent in general.

Parents have to nourish themselves to nourish their babies. Destroying all what does not nourish us anymore makes us a good caretakers of ourselves.

Repeatedly again, we have to refine the nourishing forces of cultivating self-respect and showing love to ourselves. The womb of our mother is now the womb of our own female side.

What do I take in day by day?

What do I eat?

Where do I end up during my week?

Which people do I talk to?

Which messages do I receive and answer?

What food do I buy in the supermarket?

What do I cook?

What music do I listen?

Which books do I read?

With what and whom do I spend my holy precious life-time?

Year after year, month after month we got to refine that. May the anger, fierce strength and sweetness from Kali be with you in destroying old outgrown patterns.

I wish you daily forceful nourishing inspirations and courage to step out of routines in 2014.



Stefanie HonederStefanie has moved from photography to writing since starting her yoga practice. While being fascinated about the power of words and going on with her writing, she is teaching yoga and committing her life to explore and study yoga, creativity and art in all forms, so she can support others to grow and live their (creative-) potential. Based in Vienna meanwhile.


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Comment by Alexa on February 4, 2014 at 1:01pm

Happy NEW MOON in Capricorn January 1st 2014 (SuperMoon)!

excerpt from

We start of the New Year with a New Moon in Capricorn! A SuperMoon with some strong aspects at play calling us to activate and unearth that which has been lying dormant within.
There will be 5 SuperMoons this year. This one and another on January 3oth,  both New Moons, and the other three will be Full Moons. Here is the scoop on SuperMoons, says:
“The term supermoon didn’t come from astronomy. We used to call them perigee… ‘near Earth.’ An astrologer, Richard Nolle, is credited with coining the term supermoon. He defines them as:
. . . a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth.
“By this definition, a new moon or full moon has to come within 361,863 kilometers (224,851 miles) of our planet, as measured from the centers of the moon and Earth, in order to be a supermoon.”
So here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights for this first NEW MOON SuperMoon of 2014,  from the most tuned in readers of the stars…
First from Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The earth element is strongly featured for the first New Moon of the New Year. The New Moon is in Capricorn at 11 degrees which suggests having a fresh fertile soil within the subconscious so the new ‘symbolic seeds’ are planted for the year ahead.
“But first one has to prepare the soil through clearing it out and adding new nutrients to it. Remember, there is no rush with Capricorn, patience and timing is utmost important…”
“Capricorn is an earth element, cardinal mode of energy, so it is highly dynamic and has the potential to be excellent at management, organization and delegation…
“The New Moon in Capricorn’s themes are letting go and paving the way for rebirth and aligning with quality and integrity…”
“The climb to the top of the symbolic mountain may feel rough, yet imagine the new possibilities and view when you arrive at the peak. With persistence and gentle discipline, all things may be achieved
“The New Moon in Capricorn has an intense energy due to the fact that it is connected to (by conjunction) to transiting Pluto in Capricorn (Uranus in Aries), Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Libra.  Transformation of stuck energy so things realign and move is part of this astrological configuration.
“The first round of energy with this aspect suggests ‘major detox and cleanse’ and then comes the rebirth and new beginnings.  The energy is dynamic yet very focused like a laser beam.
“As a Soul, you are success itself. The ego/mind or human self, it may get caught up in the extremes of the physical world of ‘success or failure.’  Know that there is a way beyond this dualistic perception and way of living. Living life from a perspective of Soul, helps you to know you bring the quality of success to whatever you choose to do.
“Consider that at times the most trying, testing, difficult situation may be a form of Spiritual initiation or rite of passage in some way to master something and raise consciousness. The overall astrological aspects suggest this is what is happening, each individual is testing themselves to rise to a higher level through a challenge in some form.
“…Some people right now leading up to the New Moon in Capricorn, are feeling the strong driving push for purging, cleansing and letting go. It is downright uncomfortable and possibly full of grief, intense emotions or even deep fears coming up. This is par for the course now. Go with it, be with it, accept it. Get some rest if you feel exhausted. It will shift soon enough.
“Pay attention to about 3 days before hand, especially New Years Eve it is wise to have awareness, be alert and make conservative choices and actions. People may express pent-up aggression, anger, possible erratic driving on the roads or while travel,  arguments or disagreements may occur.
“Energies want to clear out. Be responsible for what is your emotion and reaction and allow others to do the same. There is nothing to fear, but better be on the side of caution and wise decision-making than have regrets. It is your choice how you work with the symbolism and energy or if you buckle down into fear-based energy.”
“…With Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, some things may not be as defined or tangible as  you may like them to be — especially around relationships, love and even money. Be patient. As it’s a phase of reorganizing, how something is defined will come in due time.”
“The New Moon in Capricorn urges each to be realistic with your approach to whatever is happening. Align with that which is healthy, loving, empowering and of quality.
Whatever you produce or manifest, let it be with integrity and deliver quality product. This is being the living embodiment of the highest potential of the New Moon in Capricorn.”
© Copyright 2013-2014 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved 
From the always inspiring Kelley Rosano:
“The Capricorn New Moon on January 1 is a SuperMoon. This means it is extra potent. The New Moon is closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth.
“New Moons are new beginnings. You have a new start in Capricorn. The structures of your life are to be examined and changed as needed….The Capricorn New Moon message is time to upgrade and improve your life.
“Capricorn is the goat climbing to the mountain top…You are to climb higher and merge with your God Consciousness.  Pulling your Higher Consciousness into your choices will empower you to live an authentic life. You will live from love not fear. You are a great spiritual being. You are having a human experience. You are a powerful creator. What do you want to create in the New Year?
“The Sun and Moon are coupled with Pluto and Mercury. Pluto is considered the most powerful planet in astrology. He is not a maybe planet. ‘Change or I will change you’ says, Pluto.
“There are two roads to take with Pluto. One is divine will. The other is ego will. Pluto, used to serve your highest good, is the wisest path to take. Pluto will empower your soul and help you make healthy choices. ..


WWW.MYSTICMAMMA.COM/NEW-MOON-IN-CAPRICORN-JANUARY-1ST-2014-SUPERMOON/ is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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May we and all beings be completely healed

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