Get in the SPIN - Be a Whirlwind Vortex of LIGHT

You can turn yourself and your immediate physical environment into a whirlwind vortex of Light!

Light and gravity are the same.

Not all gravitational fields move in the same direction or have the same flow, and not all gravitational fields are of equal strength.

But all gravitational fields are indeed light fields!

You have a personal gravitational field, a personal light field that is generated by your brain and nervous system.

This is your aura!

You can use the feeling power of your brain to manipulate the magnetic fields that are around you, to generate a vortex of healing energies that will help you and those around you.

Creating a Vortex of Light Around You

Here’s how you do this!

1. First focus in your crown center, or pineal gland, and deeply feel the organ. So you are either feeling the top of your brain, or you are focusing in the center of your head on the same level as your eyebrows.

2. Feel the gravitational pull of the planet upon your body, by feeling your own physical weight for a few moments.

As you feel more into the pull of gravity upon your body, you are attuning yourself with the force of gravity.

Remember that gravity and Light are the same force!

Your brain can manipulate this gravity/light force that surrounds you right now as you read these words.

3. Use your sense of feeling, the same way you are feeling your crown or pineal gland, to will the magnetic fields around you to form a vortex shape.

You can use the shape of a hurricane as a great model of a vortex.

Feel the magnetic fields around you swirling faster and faster!

The faster the better!

As you do this you generate power and a current that is healing for your body.

This is a great way to improve your mood!

Please do this practice now for a few moments and then keep reading.





Now how do you feel?

Do you feel any different?

If not practice longer and focus on feeling more than visualization.

This is not a visual exercise.

This is a FEELING exercise, where you FEEL your magnetic environment changing and becoming a hurricane-shaped vortex of Light.

If you DO feel different then realize what made you feel different.

What you did worked!

You have manipulated your magnetic environment to create a healing vortex.

Realize that in addition to helping yourself you are helping your loved ones and even the whole town or city that you live in!

The more you spin the magnetic fields of your local environment into a swirling vortex pattern, the more natural power you are generating.

Human bodies can then use this natural power source to heal and also cleanse their mental fields.

Doing this exercise clears your mind and gives your body energy.



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Comment by Sarah Sunny on September 11, 2010 at 9:01pm
This was enlightening for me...thanks for posting! is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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