September 2012 
From the Spiritual Hierarchy through Judy Satori
           "Love is the Catalyst...Love is the Key"

Judy at Lily Pond

A Message From Judy Satori

I have been prepared by Spirit to transmit new recreation energy to prepare people for Earth's shift to the Fifth Dimension.  Now is the time to begin.  This energy is spiritual Light Language.  It is transmitted through very rapid energy words transmitted directly into the DNA, cellular template and energy fields of the body. 
My purpose is to get this energy to as many people as possible in 2012.  Please help me spread the word.
            Judy's Story 





My book, Sunshine Before the Dawn




This is the story of why we came to Earth from the stars and how.  It is a love story.  The words are coded to help you to remember




Like the lotus flower as it rises up through the muddy waters of a lake, humanity has for aeons been diminished and disempowered by being forced to exist within the confines of a third dimensional Earth.  Now Earth is ready for restoration and advancement, ascension to the fifth dimension.  A New Earth is to be created of peace, love and oneness with all life.  Humankind will come together as one global family.  As the Earth ascends, so too will YOU, but you need to be ready to hold the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension within your physical body and energy fields.  You body must be healed and resynthesizedThis is the purpose of these energy transmissions from the Elohim.  To prepare us all for New Life on a New Earth.  


Our  transmission for September comes from the Spiritual Hierarchy...from the Archangel Gabriel, Kuan Yin, the Hindu Goddess Saraswati and the Galactic Council.


I am in Bali, Indonesia, often described as the Land of he Gods, and as I write this letter I am gazing out across the lush green terraces of rice fields dotted with many tall palm trees towards Mt Agung, the sacred mountain of Bali, which is shrouded in blue-grey mist.  The full moon is a very sacred time for the Hindu people of Bali and the sounds of chanting and temple bells can be clearly heard echoing across the valley.   


The island of Bali is known as the "place of the Gods", and is an island of extraordinary beauty and holiness.  In Balinese sacred teachings the island of Bali was created by the Gods with the intention that on this island all Gods will be worshipped and honored until the end of the period. 

See www.indo.com for more about Bali.



When you listen to the Full Moon transmission this month, light a candle, sit in the moonlight or by a window and deeply relax.


to listen and download




   This transmission is profoundly relaxing, calming and supportive.  It will help you to connect with the truth and essence of your being.  

Note:  We want to continue making these transmissions free, but each time they are downloaded we are charged.  Please only download once, save to your computer desktop and replay from your computer desktop.  It is suggested that you listen to this transmission lying down. 



Ascension Tools to Support You  



More Ascension Tools on the Website  


Click on the tabs on the left hand side of the website.  For most energy activations listen as desired...at least three times.  For Karmic Clearing audios (Karma Klear) listen three times at one session per day for seven days or 21 days.  You can then to go deeper with the clearing of a particular belief or pattern of consciousness by listening nine times at one session per day for a further five days or longer if desired.  These energy activations will not cause any harmful affects, but they may initiate clearing release with physical or emotional symptoms for a few days.  This is similar to when you go through a physical detoxification process.  It is best to only work on one Karmic Clearing activation, or one CD or Mp3 program at a time.


Website Tabs say...


Free Energy Activations:  The Three Blessings for Health, Abundance and Joy...and more


Ascension and You:  Energy work to clear and work with current ascension symptoms


Karma Klear:  Energy activations to clear belief systems created by past and current life trauma


Self Mastery:  Personalized numerology and astrology for self understanding and self mastery





                                 'Love is the Key and the Way'
Judy Satori | PO Box 339 | Naples | NY | 1451

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