Free Energy For Enslaved Humanity Now?

Free energy is around the corner if enough of us want it for all of us. But it will cost us. It will cost us some time and effort such as I am investing right now - because I want it for all of us.

It seems a mere hundred years ago a Mr. Nikola Tesla offered the gift of free energy for all humanity and J.P. Morgan said no. Mr. Edison, Mr. Westinghouse and others in the know, said amen. Today's money power and those in the know are still saying no. And today Mr. Frederick W. Wells, Vice President of Future Energy Concepts Inc. and Mr. David Seigler, President of Future Energy Concepts Inc., in Prescott, Arizona, are offering the same gift. Unlike Mr. Tesla, they are not taking no for an answer. You see, today they do not need a banker to approve their gift. They need the people to accept it. And they need the people to help them provide it. They do not yet have a donation button at their web site because they don't have an IT staffer to install one. Volunteers anyone? But money is not the only way we have to accept their gift.

Just before I began writing this I checked their recently posted, 14 minute Youtube video, the whole world ought to see right now, if such a thing was possible. 848 views. The more people who see this, the more likely it will come to market, downsized and improved.

If we check out the comments of the skeptics, the wanna be engineers and the folks who are excited and delighted about this video, we will also see Fred is connecting with people working on similar technology. Water power just went open source. Nikola Tesla, who had some silly hope of profiting from his gift, had only hostile competitors. But now we all know who the bad guys are, we have a very rough idea of all they have cost us the past century if we include the wars and the corporate monopolies. And we see the new way can only be cooperative effort. Our cooperation with Future Energy Concepts will put the war and power mongers on notice. Nobody is taking them for an answer any more. Send this article to everyone on your mailing list and in your social networks and see what happens. But then, maybe you couldn't care less.

Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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Comment by Ed Howes on October 1, 2010 at 10:59am
Hi Sis, Would you believe I just now found your comment? While these energy breakthroughs are now moving quickly compared to the past 3 decades. there is a bit of irony in the open source approach. Since writing this I have learned Fred and David are swamped with emails and telephone calls, which could be a very good thing. However, they have a screener now for the emails at least and possibly the phone calls. I emailed them but don't expect a reply. When it comes to water power, these folks are supply siders. How can we make more, more, more gas to burn in an engine set up and tuned for very slow burning gasoline, wasting huge amounts of cheap water fuel and making way too much hot, hot fire. So I am a water conservative. I say go back to the carburetors of old which supply the engine according to its need for fuel, once properly calibrated and sell the factory computers and fuel injection systems on the used parts market. Then set spark timing appropriately for the new fuel mechanically as in days of old and make a liter of fuel do more work than they currently produce from 5 liters. To make my case I would need a ready made hydrox generator($300 - 500) on the market and an old, pre '86 demo car with a carburetor or a later model converted back to a modified carburetor to meter gaseous instead of liquid fuel. Not a big deal. Don't have money for the car or conversion parts this year and might have to wait for fuel prices to double before any family gets interested. I have been waiting nearly 20 years to move forward on water power so another year or two makes little difference to me. My son is a professional mechanic with a spare car and no imagination so that's why I wait for the fuel prices to double. 8)
Comment by Alexa on August 20, 2010 at 5:47am
wow, that's great Ed. I'm sure there are civilizations out there that would call us down-right prehistoric in our energy politics and wars. especially when there are so many cleaner (and more innovative) options and technologies to be developed. thanks for sharing.

and great to see you today!! :D is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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