If you haven’t heard of the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) then this is going to be a nice surprise for you. This device is based off of Tesla’s work where he built a resonance generator that required 1KW input to produce 10KW output. This device works in the same way and was built after his patents were released into the public domain. Years of testing and adjusting was done to make the device possible and available for others to build. This new device will require 1KW of input power to get the core resonance up and then after it is producing 10KW it can be unplugged and an inverter is attached so no input power will be required.
Yes, this means what it is saying, after a short period of input power, NO INPUT will be needed to supply 10KW of power. As stated by HopeGirl who released the plans open source to the public “The QEG belongs to humanity now. Many will make further improvements and we will all co-develop this practical bridge technology together.” Beautiful words as this world doesn’t need to be built off of money, greed, patents, ownership and power. These are archaic egoic concepts that we can evolve out of quite effortlessly.

Have a look at the moving video below as this community in Morocco built the working device in only 3 days. This video is of them turning on the device for the first time. You are seeing just the beginning of this device as more tweaks will be made in the coming days to increase the output power.

“ Message to the World: “If we can get a QEG up and running in Morocco, we can do it anywhere!”
— Tomas Qubeck – New Earth Heartbeat

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Comment by Alexa on May 5, 2014 at 4:28pm

hi Shawn! Well I think this is wild. It reminds me of edison, or the wright brothers, or something. and certainly your passion and vision makes me take note that you never know when or how or where the next better thing will come. and the amazing people that are ONE and working towards a better freer more righteous, if I may use that term, world. Wow. deep.

from small corners, could this really be the start? why not. all great things come from dedicated souls. I love the potential you see. It has opened my eyes as well.

namaste, Visionary. (things that make you go "hmm..") Thanks for this. 

Comment by Shawn Patrick Thompson on May 5, 2014 at 5:19am

35 views and not word......... 

Comment by Shawn Patrick Thompson on May 4, 2014 at 3:21pm

5 people view but no this not what I THINK it is or do u guys not think it's ligit or possible ...or what?Someone's gotta say something! is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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