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FORGIVENESS and SELF LOVE are not meant to be exclusive. 

Forgiveness is just letting it go. But self care - self love - must also accompany forgiveness in order to find the relief you seek from hurt, anger, fear and suffering. You may need to forgive yourself and walk away from toxic people who harm you in order to experience lasting peace and wellbeing, the ultimate gifts of letting go. 

You cannot experience true forgiveness (lasting forgiveness) while giving up your personal power, aka your Truth. (Taking care of yourself via your truth is your self responsibility as an adult.) You must find your own way to honor both.

If you are on the path to forgiveness, and really we all are whether we are aware of it or not, know this. Forgiveness comes softly and naturally when you have processed out your pain and are finally ready. But securing your sense of safety and security (for your inner child and your wellbeing) must be foundationed firmly along the way. 

Self`love = protecting the child within

Next month: Cultivating forgiveness - Developing a strong inner authority




Coming Soon:  Pt. III - Self-Mastery and the forgiveness process: Maintaining Personal Boundaries

Pt. IV - The Grief behind Abuse - Healing the Emotional Heart and the Inner Child

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