"Shhh. listen, listen. We are near."

painting: Shaman calling her Allies

by Vicki Ledray Grabicki's (Vikki)

Shedding story, finding love.

After my morning practice I am falling in love with the work of this artist today. This one is called: Remembering Who She Is. It's been a deep process today as my father is very ill and fragile. I feel that a movement has begun, of a daughter losing her father. It is difficult to say. But I am staying present with and honoring the process.
Oh sweet goddess, wrap your arms around me too as in these sacred images. and hold my father well in the loving embrace of your true heart. Help me to uphold and soften to the beauty and honor of this moment. Whether or not he recovers from his current hospital stay, and he may, I feel a movement has begun. And he is fighting. I love him.  In honor of my father today, and with a prayer for the presence and strength and grace of his allies and angels. I love you dad.  Stay strong.

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Comment by Alexa on January 25, 2013 at 10:33am

dear munesh, we are not alone. ty for your note as well. wishing you blessings and love.

love and (((hugs)))


Comment by munesh sinha on January 25, 2013 at 12:58am

very nice right now i m in to the same condition of my father. thanks for this.

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