For Empaths, Sensitives and Life Changes

I liked this article as a reminder and support for the sensitive soul.
Peace and wellness. Hope your day and path is moving gently and with love.

Awakening Journey for Empaths, Sensitives and Life Changes

By Carolyn Gwiazdzinski

As always, all that I write is shared through the constant awakening journey that we are being called to live in our life. As previously shared, I am a fully awakened empath, sensitive and clairsentient, with high intuition. Because of this very heightened sensitivity, I was called to be awake through every life change that came my way. Although I have done 1000's of readings in my 27 year experience, during the beginning of my journey, when I wanted to "channel" as my psychic friends were doing, I was called to live through the experience, through feeling, sensing and learning how to practically and logically understand the connection to my empathic and intuitive abilities.


Recently, a co-worker of my husbands had shared the many "negatives" she was experiencing in her life. (Just a reminder; negatives are life changes that require attention to detail to evolve to the next level of understanding.) They seemed to be coming to her, one after the other, pretty much without breathing time, before the next experience arrived. So, I was asked for some feedback. I pulled a few of my articles, that pertained to some of her life changes and the feedback was, while the articles are informative, does this mean "I have to pay attention like this all the time"?


For awakening empaths, sensitives and for all experiencing many life changes at once...the answer is yes. As empaths, sensitives and the many life changes coming to our life, knowing ourself; knowing our emotional highs and lows, knowing our trigger points, knowing the people that lovingly support us and the ones with their own agendas for our life, through their eyes and any other changes that make themselves known to us, require and request full attention to detail.


As I have learned over and over and have finally accepted, is that there is no easy way to bypass our sensitivity. There is no way to turn it off, speed it up, avoid it or make it go away. It is there for a reason. Yes, at first it will feel like you are being tortured from this constant state of feeling, you begin your journey to understanding and awareness; which is the way to transform and bring healing to your past, so that each now and present moment, is lived from heart centered awareness...only then do we begin to understand the true purpose for this level of feeling.


Each of us has our own life journey; soul blueprinted awareness...and the way that we interconnect to each other is through understanding and respect to our individual journeys and the fact that we are sharing the journey with each other.


We don't wake up one morning and decide to be empathic or sensitive or demand for life changes, that come to us in a constant stream, with no time to breathe or catch our breaths.


When change comes to us, as empaths or sensitives, the intense feeling is calling for our participation to our journey. Yes, we will continue to feel, however, when we finally make peace with participating in our journey; our sensitivity, or empathic ability, although our life changes, sensitivity or empathic abilities won't disappear, we do gain a better sense of ourselves, and what is necessary to our awakening journey.


We don't learn how to become sensitive or empathic, we do however, learn how to function in an aware and healhty manner; through information and awareness and participating in our awakening journey.


With patience and trust, we eventually will find our way. And remember, each time we practice participating in our journey, although our experiences won't disappear, we will become stronger in the foundation of our life and it will become easier to find our center and balance in the midst of our life changes.



Author's Bio

I am a fully awakened empath. As a LightCounselReader, it is my purpose and intention, to bring understanding and awareness, to the patterns, imprinting and emotional timelines of our past, so that each now and present moment is lived from heart centered and soul guided awareness.


Carolyn Gwiazdzinski (c) 2010

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