On Monday I returned from a lovely and quite transformative holiday visit to Florida with my family. I was grateful for this beautiful trip and looking forward to sharing a few of the beach and other photos that I took there. But today I am at a loss.

A few hours after returning home I received word from Santa Fe that a very special and amazing friend made her transition last month. She had been struggling and suffering with an indescribably hellish iatrogenic brain injury for many years and she decided after nearly 10 years of her struggle to end her life and move on. I am happy in some way that she is free. However this loss goes so deep for me, as I walked beside her and with her through this injury for many many years. It is good to be able to write about and share it here and honor my friend Aryana Canfield today.

Aryana was a gifted DOM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and one of the best holistic healers I have known. She was an acupuncturist and a homeopathist and a teacher of oriental medicine to many of the finest young acupuncturists in Santa Fe. Her loss is such a great loss to this planet, and one that did n't have to happen. Her death was caused by the ill effects of a so-called "safe little" prescription drug, a drug that is anything but safe, and that doctor's are ultimately responsible for failing to know themeselves, or report, the damage being done to lives all across the country and world today. WE are losing far, far too many innocent and precious lives to the erroneaous and ignorant (ignoring the hard facts about what these drugs are doing to some reported 20-30% of the people who have taken them). At the same time I know her light and powerful shakti soul (she was a powerful advocate and ally with the Divine Feminine) shines on and I can hear her soothing deep wise voice saying "it's alright. all is well. and I and everything is fine now. You carry on."

In honor of Aryana Canfeild DOM and the strength and light that she is. I honor your incredibly courageous journey and understand fully the honor that it bears. Your soul, deep friend, I can hear and though it your words clearly even now. Even so, this is quite a process for me on this side, as you are knowing.

The grief in my heart soul and gut is so deep and intense I can barely speak. I have howled myself like a wolf losing her mate. This was an avoidable death. Caused only and only from ignorant and inexcusable prescribing of drugs that are not fit for prescription. The doctor's never told her they could cause irreperable and excrutiating injury to the brain, nor did they take responsibility for their oath "to help, and not to harm". As I reflect on this anger I feel and the horror I feel inside today, I also celebrate her soul, incredible courage after a long 10-year journey, and a beautiful and inspiring and consciously expanding life.  

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family as well today.

Sweet friend, namaste and I send you so much love. I honor your ever shining Being, glorious, and Light. I will miss you here. Your presence will be missed among us all. Perhaps someday when I am healed I will share our journey, what a fight together we fought and beared. I love you. I honor you. And I support your choice to move on. Because I know the truth of what has happened, and the inexhaustible suffering that no person (or animal - they should never prescribe these drugs to animals either, yet ignorant vets are doing it too, without even researching the facts) should even have to bear at all. It is pure pharmaceutical brainwashing. To claim that these drugs are safe or fit for some kind of "treatment" for muscle spasms, thyroid problems, and most anything. I honor you courage, my friend. I really do. 

We have critical need for open discussion around these drugs and the true and real view of suicide today. So much to share. So much that can be prevented in the future. 

"No new prescriptions." And proper accountability of the prescribing docs, and full disclosure by big pharma around all legal cases and damages caused for the past 60 years from these (more dangerous than street drugs) "medications." I am devastated. 

And I honor the woman and warrior that I knew and loved. Namaste great soul friend.

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