With all the discussion of global warming and greenhouse gasses, is anyone considering our obscene dependence on fire?

Ask not for whom the planet burns. It burns for you. It burns from above. It burns from below. It burns day and night. Fire within, fire without. The fire in a poor man moves him along the road. The rich man moves with the fire of two hundred horses and more. The poor man makes a fire to bake his bread. The rich man keeps a fire for everything he does.

Scientists tell us the planet is warmed by the heat trapped in the atmosphere by the gasses released from combustion. Then, where does all the heat go that is generated by the very same combustion? Does it rise to heaven? No, the gasses trap it and keep it close. Yet, the space heater we call the sun, relentlessly warms the planet every day, regardless of the fires burning on the surface of the earth. Perhaps there is no scientific evidence that more and more fire can contribute a thing to global warming. The average person has no difficulty understanding that more heat will boil their water, cook their food and heat their house to a point of discomfort. But then one needs only to open the window and let some heat out. Perhaps we need only create an atmospheric window to send our excess heat out to space, where it belongs.

On the other hand, we might want to use this heat to melt polar ice to dilute the pollution in our oceans and create great new seaports on brand new coasts. This would surely promote global trade. People could then spread out and live on the poles that have been so hostile and uninviting. Perhaps the polar ice has been patiently waiting to absorb the heat that would require billions of people to generate. Maybe polar melt is necessary to the cleansing of a fouled and poisoned planet, where the rich will create protected personal environments and the poor will serve them in the great outdoors with a life expectancy of thirty years. Then we could afford to double and triple the poor populations. No need to panic over global warming, poisoned atmosphere, soil and water. Rich folks will clean what they require and grow their food in personal greenhouses. The poor, as always, are highly disposable commodities who accept their destiny.

Let us use them and throw them away. It's just the way it is. The law of the jungle. Consume or be consumed. Come, let us ignore that democratic solar fire which falls equally upon both rich and poor and mine our fire from beneath the earth, where some few can profit and control the destiny of slaves by the billions. Come slaves and buy our fire with your lives, that you should not live in vain. That you should not forsake some simple comforts in the name of liberty. For we are the fire men, the kings of the New Age. Bow before us, worship and serve, that you might live another day.
Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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