Farrah and Michael - Rest in Peace.

Growing up in the 70's it was Donny Osmond who every girl in my class wanted to marry. But it was the music of the Jackson Five that really got into our soul. Rock with you, Ben and Can you feel it? are classics. Watching Michael Jackson dance and sing with his Brother's was a treat in the days before pop video and MTV. Michael had rhythm and watching him move to the beat and sing his heart out made you want to dance.

I was 18 when Thriller was released. I remember sitting in a local night-club on a Saturday night with a Boyfriend waiting to watch the new Thriller video. It was to be played at midnight and we all sat with baited breath - we weren't disappointed. The Thriller LP (before the days of CD) served me well over the years. I taught Aerobics classes from the age of 21-36 and tracks like PYT and Human nature were perfect for floor-work. Michael remained an enigma a Boy/Man who quite never made the transition into full adulthood. Over the past few years his musical career has been over-shadowed by much speculation and accusations of a sordid kind. Nothing has been proven. Just like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Princess Diana, Michael was a tortured soul who made his transition at a young age.

In the late 70's Farrah Fawcett-Majors came onto our screens starring in Charlies Angels. She was the all-american girl; athletic, sun-kissed with a lovely smile and openness. The poster of her wearing a red swimsuit was adorned on many a teenage boy's bedroom wall.

With great sadness both icons passed away on June 25th. They shaped the 1970's for so many of us and will always be remembered.

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Comment by Alexa on June 26, 2009 at 11:52am
They both made quite the impact in their respective ways. I remember his music also. Ben and Can you Feel it. Both moved me deeply. Huge. and her beauty inside and out. a true Angel.

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