It’s over.  They’re going to foreclose on the house, so the landlady needs $3300 from the two of us:  $2200 from Stephen, and $1100 from me.  We need readings for $32, classes for $32, and research for $32, any two services for $60.  Also, tomorrow Stephen is going to lose his phone and Internet.  That means that all three of his jobs go out the window.  Donations of any amount will be happily accepted, Stephen’s Paypal is at and mine is at 


Please contact every Pagan group you can for us, tell them that two Pagan elders are facing total annihilation.  You may see me for awhile, because my Internet is on a separate account from his, but if we’re homeless, I won’t have it either.  We have enjoyed being here for you these past few years, and want to continue being here for you, but we need help desperately.  Stephen can’t call outside of Sacramento because he has no long distance.  What with SMUD and AT&T, we owe a total of about $5000.  He owes over $600 to AT&T. Call at 916-455-2267 anytime.  Also there’s the Abbott’s Inn International number at 1-888-611-7982.  My number is 916-457-7476 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.  I don’t like getting calls after 10:00 pm.  All times PST. We’re beyond desperation at this point.  


All Stephen does is try and raise money.  He has no social life in the real world, only online.  My only social life is with the Grove.  Despite this, we’ve kept the power on,  a roof over our heads, and the cats alive and healthy.  We realize that the economy has been rough on everyone (except those rich Republicans), but have no choice but to plead for help.  It’s either this, or join the throngs of homeless on the streets of Sacramento. No, I am not being melodramatic.  This is the situation.  We’re contacting every Pagan we can on the Internet to ask for help.  We can’t contact either BlessedBeUK network or Avalon because we got suspended for asking for money without paying for their exorbitant pro membership.  If we could have afforded that,  we wouldn’t need to ask for money, now would we?  Gods, but they’re selfish and greedy! 


Stephen’s best client Maria suggested a fundraiser, but that’s all we’ve been doing, and it hasn’t worked in the past.  Sure, a lot of this is our fault, but had you heeded our plea, and done your part, this would be a thank you blog, not an eviction blog.


It’s too bad because we’ve been working on the book about the Tarot, and have the sample chapters almost ready to send to Llewellyn.  This book will include two lifetimes of study on the Tarot.  If we’re homeless, we won’t be able to work on the book, and that will be a gift that won’t go to the Pagan community.  This book will represent the sum total of our knowledge of the Tarot.  We have both spent our entire adult lives immersed in the study of arcane knowledge.  Decades of our lives have passed in this study with very little to show for it save for the transitory results of the Tarot readings we did.   But finally we decided to put down everything we’ve learned in a book. It would be something that will last.  It will be something that we can transmit to the future.  What a cruel waste it would be if this book were to be prevented from coming into being by our ability to pay our back rent.  So we ask for your contribution, not just for our lives, though we value them, but for this invaluable work.      




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