Embracing True Self - Freedom to Be You 
The greatest work I have done to raise my consciousness was emotional recovery work. The consciousness work is easy. Travelling to other realms and tuning in to God/Source/Conscious space is easy. It is the emotional work that is hard to do. Until you do it. Then it too becomes easy, joyful, fulfilling, and free. And it is the missing piece, I am telling you, it is the missing piece in so many wise seeker's journeys.


I feel a ramble coming on today, but this is so important at this time and I see it again and again that those who are held back and stuck on their paths are simply withholding the need to do their emotional processing. If emotional processing is new to you, put out a call for the right teacher/guide to appear and get to work. It will change your life. And free your mind.
You cannot, I will say it again, you CANNOT move forward on your consciousness space with emotional energy stagnant inside. Honoring how you feel Is the Path. You must learn to honor, embrace and most importantly EXPRESS your emotionality. We are human and we have human feelings. Learning to identify, become intimate and accepting, and then embracing and loving of our emotionality will CHANGE your life! and clean your consciousness. It will lead you to both clarity and self knowing. And when you know your Self, both your self and your Self, when you have travelled through all those places that everyone, all of us, each one of us, will travel through at some point on their evolutionary path, each step and new awareness an initiation, you will come to see yourSelf in every other human being on the planet. Trust me! ... No, don't trust me, try it out and then trust yourself.
It is through the process of identifying, expressing and cleaning our emotions that we come to know and be able to live fully, freely, deeply, compassionately, from a place of self knowing / self love, (this is the mastery of love, to know and embrace all of our selves) and then to be able to be and express ourselves, as ourselves, in the world. And this world needs YOU. It needs your unique constitution and gifts, and you cannot be you without coming to know and embrace your emotional self.

As you love and learn to know about your feelings, you will love and learn to know every other being on the planet, human or non-human animal. We are all thinking, feeling, spiritual beings. And through your emotional recovery you will come to know (aka ignite your Awareness) and SEE yourself, as divine AND human, in every other human and living being on the planet. In knowing yourself, you will know all others. For we are ALL the same essentially. And you cannot know others or fully embrace yourself until you know your Self. Your true Self. Yes, your little self. As well as your Big self. Most of us can easily sense and come to know our big selves. But it is our little selves, so to speak, our emotional human selves, the little boy or girl that still resides and lives inside of us, that so greatly need and deserve our attention and great love. We love our inner selves by allowing them to be who they are. To breathe, to feel, to express, to let it all go. In expressing our feelings, every day, we are free to flow, and to know, we are all the same. All the same inside. And we will each go through the same old, same old things humanity has been travelling through for so many centuries and all time.

The more we feel it, the more we heal it. And then, the feeling becomes easy, and momentary, and all things just pass through. Until it is cleared. Naturally. The more Free we become. To be here now. And to be whole and happy and accepting our ourselves and therefore all others in the Truth of Who We Are. Then we have room and strength to accept wider and wider spaces of awareness. And this too much happen slowly, because it is so very very... huge. 
But between us and full Enlightenment comes emotional recovery. Learning to embrace and know and express what we feel. It is the missing link that many try to by-pass, and they will never get 'there' because they are not knowing that they need to feel in order to be free. Free of the past, and free of all that ails us. Free the mind, yes. And we cannot free the mind either unless we free and clean out the emotions. Then we are free to use our minds as we wish. To train or re-train our thinking as well. But the emotional brain, and the emotional body, that needs attention too.

Too many spiritual paths today confuse their fellow travellers. They mean well when they say, "just focus on the good, and your divinity, and you will be fine". But this is not true. You must also and FIRST, foremost, embrace, always, your humanity. It is through embracing our humanity that consciousness is truly built. Try it out for yourself. You will see. You will SEE. You will free your self. You will free your mind.
When we embrace our true human self, we meet and discover our true divine Self. It's magic.

big hugs and lots and lots of L O V E .



ps. remember: we are both human and divine. the middle road is where we find our truth and ultimately reach our liberation. As we walk as Angels on this Earth, we must not only reach for the stars, we must also reach down into our soil. The light-working sensitive soul must maintain itself through conscious clearing and joyful self love. Then you will be free to travel - unemcumberedly and joy-fully - anywhere else you travel in the Universe! Happy travels.

Embrace you! Be Free. ♥


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