“God of my realization, God of my loving heart, my Creator and my Lord bath my integral self with your Divine Essence, so I can get rid of all kinds of toxins; Physical toxins, mental toxins,

emotional toxins and spiritual toxins. I really want to feel free from these harmful substances which have accumulated throughout the years. Oh! Lord allow me to be an excellent channel in order to an appropriate instrument to do good in your Sacred Name. I ask all this with a fervent attitude and at the same time very humbly. SO MOTE IT BE!”


Now please take three deep breaths and sit down in a semi-dark room. Imagine how both polarities fill up your lungs by taking another four deep breaths. How your blood increases lightly its temperature.
Let’s now consider several facts:
1.-The biggest human organ is our skin.

2.-We eliminate a lot of our toxins through our skin.

3.-Dew is the substance possessing the greatest Universal positive polarity. This quality permits it to absorb the greatest quantity of negative substances. This shows its maximum potency just before every sunrise.

4.-Our sun symbolizes the element fire and this element is considered to be the most effective catharsis known to man.

5.-Both our will power and our mental power affect every living matter and nonliving matter.

6.- The early sun rays, as they hit any surface that contains dew, first engulfs totally all the matter molecules and secondly transmutes this negative harmful substances into something safe to be later discarded as useful fertilizer.

In your mind it’s five A.M. It is a beautiful star lit dawn. You are on a wide clearing from a leafy forest. Ii is still dark due to a new moon. The heavy dew wets all your body from toes to head. In an hour more the sun will strike you fully, first your head, then your shoulders, next your chest, later on your abdomen and last your legs and feet. Please mentally bring all your toxins to your skin. Start with your foot soles, ankles, insteps, shins, knees, thighs, gonad area, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck, face, forehead, hair, and skull. Please imagine four different kinds of toxins; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All of these toxins have totally surfaced to your skin. So every drop of dew is engulfing toxins. Every pore on your skin has done its cleansing function.

Please imagine as vividly as possible the following:
From both foot soles ascending into your head you will succeed in removing four layers of toxins. Start with those accumulated during your childhood. The second layer of toxins belong to your teen years take them out please! The third dangerous layer corresponds to our youth years. And the last layer was created during our adulthood. Do it please!
Now just a few minutes remain before our sun hits our skin. Please advance one step and feel how the dew accumulated on the grass wets your feet. The powerful energy of this dew penetrates through your foot soles ascending along your legs and through your backbone until it reaches the interior of your head.
At the same time feel every drop of dew on your skin. Every pore of your skin is totally covered with this concentrated cosmic energy. The four layers of harmful substances are trapped inside every drop of dew!
The amazing golden dawn appears. The sun’s rays strike us. It is when we say another prayer coming from the loving heart of our soul personality:
Oh! Supreme Being Master of the Universe, creator of every living creature including us. Infuse us with all your Divine qualities, so the elimination of every toxin can be carried out effectively! We are the result of your Divine Love. Please we beg you to help us clean this body, mind and spirit. Everybody desires to become a much better person. With your graceful help everybody will become a true representative of your Kingdom. Amen!”

We are facing the sunrise, so our sun will evaporate every drop of dew from our fronts; Head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, tights, knees, shins and ankles. Now turn to your left, so your right side of your body will be exposed to the red, orange and yellow sun’s rays; head, face, neck, right shoulder, right arm, right elbow, right hand, right leg and ankle. Every single drop of dew is now evaporated from our right side. It is time to give another left turn, so the back of our bodies can be fully exposed to father sun.
The sun rays start to make its evaporating action on all the back of your body: head, neck, upper back, lower back, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves and heels. Every drop of dew is evaporated from this part of your body.
It is time to give another left turn, so all the left side of your body can be exposed to our sun’s heat. Left side of your skull, left cheek, left side of the neck, left shoulder, left arm, left elbow, left hand, raise your left arm so the sun’s rays can hit the left side of your chest, your left side of your waist, left leg, knee, ankle and left heels. Every drop of dew has just been evaporated successfully. Again give a left turn and now we are facing eastwards once more. The feeling is now unique because we have gotten rid of harmful waste.
Congratulations! Please say your own personal praying of gratitude, this time I‘d like to have your feedback regarding this special exercise.




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Comment by Alexa on October 16, 2012 at 11:48am

Ezequiel your timing is impeccable! ty for sharing. xx :)) I'll try to give some feedback next week after i see how well i do this week. ;)

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