Our corporate educations have left gaps through which one can drive a truck. People believing a diploma, equivalency degree or college degree testifies they have completed an education. In truth, it has barely begun.

The great problem comes because people who believe they are educated have put it all behind them and all they need is a job on the great plantation, a house, a mate and a car. They become pseudo citizens who largely do as they are told by people who appear to know better than they. They become the perfect consumers, devouring all they can, including propaganda. If not for them, entire industries would have to go elsewhere to turn a profit. Governments would shrink, not grow like cancers. Who will argue ignorant consumers are not good for business and government? If you want them to vote for hand picked corporate candidates, just tell them their vote is the one that counts and they will vote. It is the least they can do and they intend to do the least they can. Who can blame them? Not me.

I had a friend who was fond of the expression; as the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Since I knew the truth of this I never disputed it. Now I would go one more step and say as the twigs are bent, so grows the forest. It is only when we find a tree bent in a different direction we realize there are other bending options available. By the time new parents discover this, it is too late for their children and odds are good they won't see much of their grandchildren. The war on family is not for nothing. Perhaps it is national pride which has us bending most twigs in the same direction.

A corporate education disqualifies the possessor from all public service. He or she is not fit to vote, sit on a jury or hold public office, except on the corporate plantation, where ignorance is the perfect qualification followed closely by stupidity. Both, corporate values all the way to the top. Parents, teachers and the system make equal contributions to corporate consumerism because they know no alternative. Behind corporate miseducation stands the force of law. Genuine education, the kind which leads to understanding and sometimes wisdom, is elective - voluntary. For most folks the corporate educational experience is so distateful they want no more of any kind. Hence the only salvation for a corporately educated nation, are those who still bother to ask questions AND seek answers. Rhetorical questions only serve to deepen the rut in which we are programmed to wallow. The corporations should pay people to accept their educations. Because they write the laws which force us to accept, they save and make billions.

For the one or two percent who ask questions and seek answers, we now have the internet, although it may be temporary. Now the question becomes, how do you attract the small number who are not burned out or bummed out? Once you attract them, how do you keep them coming back? Do you use the same Madison Avenue techniques which drive most of their existing behaviors or should they be respected with a different model? Where do we find the best in alternative educational resources? Home schoolers and the companies that cater to them? Or have we passed the point where any wisdom can help us?

The deficiencies of corporate education are many. Corporate graduates do not know the purpose and abuses of money or law. They do not know the purpose and abuses of education itself. Most corporate graduates do not know their selves. They have no clue about the purpose and abuses of politics. Few are capable of feeding their selves or building a home because someone prefers they buy all they require and much more. Having said all this I know everything is in divine order. Everything is exactly as it should be right here, right now. I also know some parents actually want better for their children without having a clue what better might be. Perhaps I will find some of them and we will work out a decent plan for creating wisdom in a land where it has no admitted value or currency.

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Comment by kashzka mucha on March 17, 2010 at 11:16am
Education of a different sort is a necessity. We are as we are, because we did what we did. We must be aware, and learn from our experiances.
Comment by Ed Howes on February 25, 2010 at 1:55pm
Hey Velvet Violet, This is the hard way to learn the value of corporate education, yet so many of us have made it the only way.

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